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Zhalindor Campaign: Sins of the Forefathers (SoFat)

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Backstory for Campaign
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The Backstory ...

Your dreams have been troubled of late. Whenever you close your eyes, your mind fills with strange sounds, smells and sight. You are
being called to Carastinian's isle. Carastinian, bearer of the Rune of Magic, Grandmaster of the Balance, immortal, and the foil of the
Creator, calls to you to seek him out and accomplish some purpose of great import.

You will answer this call

Your name will be recorded as the greatest hero of this Age your praises will be sung for ten thousand generations

Legends say that The four demon lords of Credia formed the Rune of True Power and gave evil its magics and form in Zhalindor.
Legends hold that these four demon lords created many spawn that ruled Zhalindor unchecked for an age. It is spoken of in some ancient
manuscripts that Saint Acheron drove the demons to the outer planes. The Four were either too powerful to be driven away or Acheron
walked his own mysterious path. Legend states that when Credia was founded Saint Acheron bound four demon lords into the star at the
center of the city. What the Four accomplished in that Age is buried in the sands of Time.

Like all things buried though the sands shift, and what was unknown becomes rediscovered the Book of Greater Seals, penned by
Saint Acheron has recently come to the possession of Carastinian. The Book speaks of the False Runes created by the Four, used to
create and rule their spawn.

For Ages the False Runes have worked their magics independently and without dire effect. But, the Book foretells the time when the
False will be called to gather and wreak their havoc again. Carastinian reads the sign and knows the portents you are called to shift
fate and prevent a return to the dark days

If your hero or heroine wishes to follow the path of adventure then contact me at

Maps, Pictures & Props from the Campaign

Map of the Campaign World
Map of the Isle of Ishmon (starting point for the campaign)
Charts of Thousand Isles around Isle of Ishmon (starting point for the campaign)
Jamal's Symbol
Aziz's Symbol
The Book of Greater Seals (link disabled -- you'll have to find it in the Campaign first!)

Basic Information for Campaign

Common Knowledge of Ishmon
Sample Character Backgrounds
Overview of Zhalindor
More Information on Zhalindor

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