Excerpt from Tiny Jonesí Book....

	Yeah verily and there shall come a time when the stars in the heavens and the 
celestial bodies therein shall dance to new melodies, the melodies played by the Mad 
Sultan who sits ever piping and bubbling at the nethermost center of Infinity, has and 
shall forever. 

	There shall be signs to those that watch.and know the signs and counters.  The 
first shall be that the warrior of old Mars, who is yet young when compared to those 
who held the Earth as of old and now do wait impatiently, shall be in the Moon.  The 
next sign shall be that the beauty Venus shall meet the messenger of the gods as that 
messenger dies..  Then shall the time be close at hand.

	Two configurations shall occur, and the passages must be said at each, and each 
passing made over by the blood.  For without blood the doorways cannot open, and 
there be not atonement.  The first of these shall be met by the bleeting of sheep and the 
sad cries of cattle when King Jupiter and his brother Saturn align in triad with the 
Moon.  Mark this passage with the old chants to Hastur, Yog Suthoth and Azathoth.

	The next must be attended by the blood of one pure of heart.  It must be a male 
child, untarnished by the ways of the world or the touch of the Worlds beyond.  He 
shall not belong to a religion of Man.  He must be made to fast for three times three 
days, such is the nature of the triad.  Then at last, when Yuggoth aligns with Uranus 
and the Demon Star Adelbran, sing the new songs to Yug Sothoth, Cthulhu and 
Hastur.  Spill his blood and the gateways shall stand open!

	The New Age shall dawn upon the Earth, and it shall be wrenched into the 
spaces between Time.  The Old Ones were and the Old Ones shall be right there in 
Gopher City!