Box 1232
McLean, VA 22101
e-mail: staats@alum.mit.edu
Ph.D. Degree, Operations Research, Electrical Engineering/Computer Science Department, MIT, Cambridge, MA.
GPA 5.0/5.0  (Top Graduate)
Hertz Fellow (5 awards per year to US citizens at the top of their fields in science and engineering)
Selected as MIT representative to Doctoral Colloquium 1992
MS Degree, Strategic Studies, United States Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA
BS Degree, United States Military Academy (USMA), West Point, NY.
GPA 3.96/4.0
Top Graduate in Engineering, Mathematics and Science
Top Graduate in Operations Research
Top Graduate in Theoretical and Modern Physics
Best Writer
Rhodes Scholarship Finalist for State of Wisconsin
Inspired Leadership and Management:

Motivational Speaker: Increasing Innovation in Organizations

Dr. Staats served as a manager and leader in various consulting roles that culminated in 2016 as a Director for the MITRE Corporation where he led a $100M program that advised senior appointed and elected executives in the Federal government. He has written numerous articles and contributed to books on topics ranging from game design and artificial intelligence to the value of information. Dr. Staats is an internationally recognized speaker on organizational change and information theory. He was recognized by the European Engineering Society in 1996 as one of the 100 most cited information engineers world-wide.  In 2013, Dr. Staats was selected as a founding, distinguished member of the non-profit Institute for Stability and Transition. Dr. Staats is also a highly decorated combat veteran who rose to the rank of general officer and commanded a US Army Division.  He commanded over 40,000 personnel during his years of service that included overseas assignments in Europe, Southwest Asia, and the Far East and held significant positions within strategic organizations such as the Defense Logistics Agency (as the Director for Joint Training) and the Department of the Army as a logistics planner.  In 2013, General Staats was selected as the first Senior Fellow for the Chief of Staff of the Army’s Strategic Studies Group.
As both a combat commander and as a business leader, Dr. Staats has guided organizations through difficult situations to success.  During 2008-2010, Dr. Staats commanded a brigade in Iraq in Saddam Hussein’s home province.  Where the previous two brigades had failed in the mission of engaging the local population, Staats was able to inculcate the local educational leaders as well as business and religious leaders to create a highly energized social and business environment, and local violence nearly stopped.  As a Department Head at MITRE, Dr. Staats took over when the previous DH was fired.  Morale was at very low levels.  Through decisive leadership and by laying out strategic direction, within two years, the Department scored as one of the highest in the Corporation on the Kenexa survey, and the ORmadillos were known across the Corporation for their technical skills, creativity, and craftsmanship. General Staats was selected as the first senior fellow (peer leadership) for the Chief of Staff of the Army’s strategic studies group. He went on to take over a failing division with a $100M budget and helped to grow it to a 335 staff person enterprise and improve its morale, production quality, and impacts over a three year period bringing it from an organization rated as 23 out of 23 for performance and employee engagement to one that was tied for second place. Building Communities:  Dr. Staats has demonstrated this capacity in his military, business, and personal life.  As a single parent of three children and geographically separated from his biological family, Dr. Staats forged a community of 25-30 people that represented the “village” that helped him raise his children.  All three children prospered and are on their own doing well ranging from a medical student to a marine who followed Dad’s footsteps into combat.  He has lived overseas in Europe, Southwest Asia, and the Far East and was always accepted as an active and valued member of the local communities. Creating Visions and Implementing Positive Change:  Dr. Staats was routinely asked to provide support for change management efforts.  Dr. Staats was a leader in developing and implementing the Defense Civilian Personnel System for the US Department of Defense.  Dr. Staats was one of the principal consultants to the Joint Staff J-8 during the development of the Joint Capability Integration Development System processes as well as developing the attribute and metrics hierarchy that is still in use today.  Dr. Staats was responsible for developing the framework to train and organize the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF).  He worked directly with senior level, national leaders in creating a capable and independent ISF. He was tapped to be the first commanding general for the US Army’s Innovation Command. He is a noted speaker on topics of change management and organizational innovation. 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Khymir: Role-playing and Game Design, with Mark E. Rogers, Daes Iraes Press, Newark, Delware, 2007. • "Joint Requirements Process for SOCEUR", MITRE, McLean, Virginia 2007. • "Changing Army Culture", PARAMETERS, Army War College, Carlisle, PA, accepted for publication. The 21 Effective Habits of Network Centric Organizations, with COL(R) Fred Stein, Dr. Krishna Sarkar, Dr. Christine McNulty. • "Architectures, Transformation, and Capabilities-based Planning", IDGA, London, UK, 2004. • "National Security Imperatives”, Joint Decision Support Center, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Washington, DC, 2003. 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CREATIVE ENDEAVORS: Music Composition and Production:  Dr. Staats has composed and commercially produced eight music albums that have world-wide distribution.  (See https://zhalindor.com/store.htm ) Video Production and Technical Direction:  Dr. Staats has a highly successful YouTube Channel that covers diverse topics from technical video production to humor and game design (See https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDrgames#p/u ) World Building and Game Design:  Dr. Staats is a science, technology, engineering, and math person, but ironically he might be best known as “the Dr Games, expert on world building for gaming and fiction” as a Google search will confirm.  He has helped hundreds of authors and game designers since the early 1990s develop and publish both enjoyable and often commercially viable games and books.