Rich Staats Bio

A special thanks to the Veterans Administration for the tremendous help that they have been to our Service Members (including this one). We do not say thank you enough to you.

Rich has been a soldier, a scholar, and a director at a think tank. His experience ranges from the tactical to developing national level, strategic guidance. Rich has contributed to six books and dozens of articles ranging from Operations Research to Artificial Intelligence to military logistics and game design. Rich holds a Ph.D. from the EE/CS Dept (Course VI) at MIT, a Masters in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College, and a number of other certifications. Since 2016, Rich has been solely serving as a general officer in the Army; immediately prior to his military leave of absence, Rich was the director of a $100M program supporting the US Federal Government.

Rich has been active in the game design community since the late 1970s. Mark Rogers and Rich published Khymir in 2006. Rich has run seminars on world building for authors and game designers for almost 40 years including several years when it was a for-credit course at MIT.

Rich is married to the most wonderful woman in the world, Beloved Ann, formerly Ann Klughammer. Ann is a high school teacher and an award winning children's author. Check out: for more info. Rich was blessed to be the father of five: Kathy, Liz, and Rich Staats, and Chloe and Chris McCallum. Kathy graduated from medical school, and Rich was a Lance Corporeal in the US Marines and is currently the CEO of his own game company. Liz graduated from college in hospitality management and currently working as a chef. Chloe graduated with a marketing degree and is a lead marketer for a wedding planning business, and Chris is currently a student pursuing majors in business and phil.

Rich composes and produces music and videos, and if you are interested in having him do some work for you, please contact him at He has composed and produced seven commercial albums. Rich is at the point in life where he wants to focus on giving back to the community in the role of volunteer and mentor. Rich actively supports people engaged in creative endeavors and has offered significant aid to the Indie movie community including aid with soundscapes, soundtracks, title songs, and helping to format and prepare work for world-wide distribution, contest, etc.

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