Something to look forward to ...

I'm working on a sermon how the Bible tells us to avoid evil people.

In Matthew 10, Jesus instructed his disciples to shake the dust off of their sandals when confronting evil people if the Word does not take.

In Acts, the disciples followed Jesus' instructions.

We are not called to endure evil for evil's sake. Christ was crucified for us. We do not all need to put ourselves up on crosses of our own making.

While we are instructed to forgive, we are not instructed to accept, promote, and endure. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Accepting people and "judging not lest yea be judged" is not the same as condoning inappropriate behaviors.

There are times in life when God wants us to move on. My friend, Dr. Eric Zylstra, a devote Christian and all-around good guy, used to say that "good does not mean stupid."

I could not have said it better.