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Zhalindorian Embassy

Welcome to the Zhalindorian Embassy site. Thank you for joining us. This will be GENCON 2020 central for all of our events. Take a look around, send us suggestions, questions, and comments, and share with your friends. Welcome to Zhalindor. Don’t be a stranger.

The Zhalindorian Embassy

It is your home away from home.  It is a community of gamers that have worked, played, and shared together for over 40 years (some much longer. The Zhalindorian Embassy will be hosting a number of events at GENCON 2020.  The proximate purpose for these pages is to host those events, but if there is interest, this site will expand to encompass blogs, community chat rooms, and other features to help the Zhalindorian family stay in touch. The future is entirely up to you and your creativity