"Return to the TOON of Horrors!"

Someone has stolen Santa from North Pole village! The party is called in to rescue Santa before Christmas (because everyone knows that the true meaning of Christmas is GETTING LOTS OF PRESENTS -- just ask any two year old). ;-)

There are bunny footprints and droppings everywhere. It smells, literally, of the EVIL FLUFFSTER BUNNY!


But, the elves say that the person who stole Santa was big and ...

"It was blue - well, kinda, and it had big horns!"

"It was green - well, kinda, and it had a long tail!"

"It was blue with just a hint of green, and it had a shaggy mane."

"It had a bumper sticker that said 'Free Tibet'!"


Oh my! There is only one perpetrator that matches that description.


Yes, that's right! It must have been the Azure Yak!

There was also a pendant left at the scene of the crime. The pendant says (literally, it's TOON for goodness sake!) "through the lips and over the gums into the mouth of the devourer here we comes!"

The party follows the trail and droppings to a hill in the middle of Spookey Swamp.

There is the one time lair of the Azure Yak -- dah dah DAH! -- the TOON of Horrors!

The trail leads within ... there is no turning back now!

[Disclaimer: the author takes no responsibility for injury caused to the players due to bad puns or laughter.]


In service,


Rich "TOON-meister" Staats