These were the questions on the sixth turn to date.  Phillip Hume
addressed them to me.

The Campaign is most likely winding down me thinks.  ;-)
Hi Phillip,
     I wasn't sure if you wanted me to answer your queries at this point, but 
I'll try as best as I can.  By the by, I'm *totally* hosed and will be gone to 
Canada from Saturday till Thursday, Aug. 24.  So, if it takes awhile to respond,
I'm not blowing you guys off --- I'm most likely just not logging in till I get 
myself together.
     Here is a whack at the questions.
>First, lets start with Cragspider's attempt to destroy the world.  Remembering 
>back to when you talked about "destroying" runes, you said that if a rune were 
>destroyed, than anything in it's domain would go with it.  Well, with the 
>destruction of the land, the sea, the plants, etc., it would appear that the 
>effects of rune destruction are present for some runes, which raises the 
>question of whether or not these runes were actually destroyed.
     It is a good question, but a good part of the answer lies in the 
last turn.  Consider this extraction.
     The walls of the chamber once again shows Zhalindor, but from a greatly 
     elevated perspective.  Cragspider shrieks out ``It ends here my crazed 
     sibling! Ai taron, nogth spenia!  Dismiss the Earth!''  A voice chimes 
     ``confirmed,'' and the lands, islands and continents disappear.  
     Granth says ``Lord, she has destroyed the land, and your creatures 
     flounder in the sea.''  The Invisible God says ``they still have the land; 
     it cannot be taken from them.''  
Cragspider ``dismissed'' the Earth (this would seem to imply the Rune Earth).  
As the Invisible God mentions, the Earth within the creatures cannot be taken 
from them.  This may seem strange until one views this in the context of the 
following extract.
     Cragspider rents her gown and says ``Centaurie taron vitae creotus!  
     Extract type one objects!  Dismiss the Void, Death and Man.  Dissemble, 
     Complete and Terminate!''  There is a pause, and the silence thunders on 
     the party's consciousness.  Cragspider is radiant, triumphant, and the 
     Invisible God looks sad and pained.  The Dragon Emperor is creeping slowly 
     toward Cragspider with a raised dagger.
     The scene is cut short when the voice states flatly ``Cragspider, I am 
     unable to fulfill your last request.  No type one objects exist in my area 
     of influence, and your instructions would necessitate the destruction of 
     millions of type one-alpha objects.''  Cragspider's face is filled with 
     anger, confusion and ---- madness.  She bellows ``Destroy type two 
     objects!''  The voice states ``you did not give the required countersigns 
     and codes, and it is impossible to destroy the type two objects ---- as 
     there are none, Cragspider.''  
The World machine and all it represents from philisophical and physical 
standpoints seems to be quite respectful of some distinctions.
It might be academic, but there appears to be a distinction between dismissal 
and destruction.  Now, it is not clear that the Earth Rune was destroyed which 
would be an assault on some fundemental aspect of the World Machine; instead, 
the Rune was dismissed in some orderly, albeit high level, fashion from the very
center of Creation.  Still some things were preserved.  (There is an existence 
proof that Runes can be created as it has been done on more than one occasion.  
It is not clear that the Runes could be destroyed.)
The party has seen what happens when the Earth Rune is removed from Creation.  
All those inanimate and non-intelligent objects most closely tied to the Earth 
Rune were eliminated. With the removal of this first fundemental Rune, Zhalindor
as the parties knew it over the years was destroyed.
The question shifts to what is special about those things remaining once the 
Earth Rune was taken away?  Likewise for Water and Air.  
>How the hell did Risk come back to life?  "I crashed into the most powerful 
>defensive magic setup on the planet, but I'm feeling much better now?"  
>He seems to be sane again, too.  I guess this has to do with Charles playing 
>now; it can probably be explained away as the will of the Invisible God, 
>I suppose.  The old "your PC can't die while you're gone" rule. 
Characters have been raised from the ranks of the deceased all through the 
Campaign.  Now that the very deities walk among the mortal is it any wonder that
one who lived through the millenium would be raised?  The question is not how, 
but what agency affected this change?  ;-)  (Yes, time to worry.) 
>Cragspider's control phrases seem suspiciously like latin or a latin-derived 
They appear very much to be some language rather than random mystical phrases.  
>How much do the current characters know about invoking the various (remaining?)
>runes now that the world machine is rebuilt?  I presume Granth knows a whole 
>bunch, but what about the rest of us?  
Granth and Balinor know a good deal about the Runes.  Phineas knows some as the 
builder of a Rune.  Everyone who has ever cast a spell or used psionics knows 
something about their uses.
>I mean, it would be fun to zap Guy
>with a combination of Mastery, Infinity, and Death, but would any of us even 
>know where to begin with that?  
It might be possible to tap into Mastery, Infinity and Death.  It is certainly 
possible for the party to try.  Look back over the last two turns.  There are 
some limitations about what can and cannot be done in the Control Complex.
>What about tapping the control kernels; could Huvis tap Magic or Branahm tap 
>Mastery with just their powers and not knowedge of the rune's true name?  
>Again, all of this might be academic, considering the time limitations, but 
>still . . .
Recall Trahk Chi tapped into primal Darkness even just at the entrance to the 
Control Complex.
Hope that generates some discussion.
     In service,