Author:  Richard STAATS at LMI
Date:    3/28/95  3:04 PM
Priority: Normal
Receipt Requested
Subject: General questions for turn 4 revealed!  :-)
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        I was glad to see folks got their turns.  The next player turn is 
     not due until Friday, April 7.
        There are three consistent questions coming up.
     (1) Is Risk dead or not?
     Here are the important clues from last turn concerning Risk.
     >the cackling Risk collides with Cragspider, burns and drops to the 
     >floor of the entryway with a sickening plop.
     >Guy begins to stir on the floor (Risk remains quite motionless)
     >Cragspider cries ``No!'' and steps through in a single bound, 
     >springing off of Risk who remains impassive throughout the scene.  
     >Phineas regards Huvis calmly and looks pointedly at Risk's spot on 
     >the floor.  Risk remains motionless under Phineas' withering gaze.
     >Gabrielle falls, unmoving beside the introspective Risk.
     I fell to a fit of macabre GM humor.  Sorry.  :-(  This is somewhat 
     akin to my statements about hearing a vampire's breath.  The words 
     used to describe Risk are not very lively (e.g. motionless, impassive, 
     motionless and introspective).  Risk started off by falling to the 
     ground with a sickening plot and did not move again.  Notice 
     especially the contrast with the words used to describe Guy.  In the 
     party's collective opinion, Risk's spirit has gone on to bunny heaven 
     --- at least for the moment, but it is the ``end of the world''; 
     anything could happen.  ;-)
     (2)  Could the party have brought the bodies of Gabrielle and Risk 
     with them?
     Sure if you wanted to.  It is not clear what lies beyond the portal 
     though, and the bodies may prove a liability.  They are not being 
     disturbed where they are.  The party is aware that there is at least 
     one anti-magic zone, e.g. the bands of metal.  It might seal Risk's 
     fate if he has to be dropped in an anti-magic room.
     (3)  What is beyond the portal?
     The party does not know.  There should be a sense of caution and some 
     suspense about the unknown in the upcoming turn.  Balinor, Myria and 
     Branham think that the Control Complex has not been entered until 
     Cragspider did since the Sundering of the World Machine.  There is no 
     mention of it in any literature or folk culture they have collectively 
     For next turn focus on how your character advances and what his or her 
     responses would be to a variety of occurences.  The only thing the 
     party knows is that everyone alive in the group went in the portal, 
     and Cragspider is somewhere ``between'' Balinor and the rest of the 
     There were some typos in the last turn.  My apologies for that.
     Dan Brown just came and visited.  Good to see you Dan!  Unfortunately, 
     I missed him at the Metro station by about ten minutes the last day on 
     his way to the airport.  Publically, my sincere apologies Dan!  :-(
     OK, off to work!