Author:  Richard STAATS at LMI
Date:    10/20/94  9:28 AM
Priority: Normal
Receipt Requested
Subject: Re: Great, the most powerful magician is trying to kill us. 
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        A quick note before I'm consumed by work!  Yikes!

A few questions about the latest turn, Rich.  
1)  I assume we can't connect the voice claiming to be Kaliban with any 
figure?  In other words, we just heard a voice, we didn't see anything.

Huvis nor Branahm saw anything.  There was a darkwall in that general 
2)  Are the approaching iron shod hooves the sound of one horse (mount), 
ten, a hundred?

One you believe. 
3)  Has Cragspider actually left the Pylon when she's spellcasting? 

No, you are still in the entryway. 
4)  Are we, in fact, doomed?  :)

No!  Players are *never* doomed in my campaign unless they knowingly do 
something given their knowledge that a reasonable person would not do.  That 
said, be most careful in the party's choice of actions for next turn.  Much 
knowledge has been dispensed.
In service,