Author:  Richard STAATS at LMI
Date:    10/16/94  9:59 PM
Priority: Normal
Subject: Re: more questions
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        Sorry for taking awhile.  Work here has been insane lately.  Should 
clear up in December though!  :-)

>- about the Mistress Trolls setting off "to tie down Yelm and bring darkness
  upon the world." - Would the other members of the party be sensative 
  about this?  Trahk must be for it (what does it mean?) - but are there 
  possible conflicts over what the end of the world should be like?  Are 
  there any signs Trahk should be looking for which a follower of Zorak
  Zoran might notice/act on, which the party might get a little queasy about?
I suspect that there are two party members who would be *for* tying down Yelm, 
Trahk and Guy, but they have different reasons.  It means the Sun would not 
shine in the heavens anymore.  The darkness creatures would reign supreme, 
alleluhia!  There is nothing of particular note to this point.

>- Phil raised a question about the Darkness Rune after the world machine
  has been reconstructed - can anyone use it?  What's the state of rune 
Your abilities to call upon the Runes seems greatly heightened.
     Hope this finds you well and look forward to hearing from you.
        In service,