Author:  Richard STAATS at LMI
Date:    10/12/94  5:01 PM
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Subject: Re: Questions before the turn..
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        More quick answers.

>  How fast is the Blue Moon decending? -> How long do we have before impact?

Between 50 to 80 minutes.
>  Has the door been explored or carefully studied by Balinor?  If so, what 
>came of it?

The side of the pylon has an entryway.  Recessed, within the entryway is the 
door.  The door appears to be a flat slab without any obvious knobs, handles 
or any ornamentation.  Is Balinor going to look more closely?
>  What happened when Branham mind probed Balinor?  "When he held his head!"  I 
>guess I want to know if Balinor was damaged by his minute resistance.  He would
>know he had no chance vs Branham, but he would not open his mind to close 
>inspection against his will.

Balinor is OK, and Balinor was easily able to protect his mind from deep probing
by Branahm.  ``Act strong when you are weak and weak when you are strong!'' ;-)
>  Does Tremir feel he can take out (maybe even knock out) the Chaos Creature 
>in one shot?  You know, neatly and quickly, without a noisy fight, in order 
>to draw less attention and possibly get to the Crater without the Trolls 
>noticing him.

It would be a gamble.  Tremir feels some type of odd energy developing in the 
air.  He strongly suspects it has something to do with the approaching trolls.
>  What did the Great Oak and/or Aldrya want Tremir to accomplish?  ie: Make 
>sure that the World Machine does NOT come under the control of Chaos, chaos, 
>etc..  Reguardless of his personal feelings, he is loyal to Aldrya and is 
>policed by his personal integrity.  Anything you could add to my information 
>of the interaction of Tremir with the Great Oak and Aldrya would be helpful.

The Grand Mother of Aldrya asked Tremir to ensure that Chaos was not able to 
claim control of the World.  The Mother warned that ``the days of mortal care 
and sun are soon to end.  It is a darker fate which awaits.  Ensure the Dark 
will end some day.  Those who goldings play are not as they seem.''