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Author:  dmarkow@yoshi.mit.edu (David Markowitz) at INTERNET2
Date:    10/16/94  4:15 PM
Priority: Normal
Subject: Marching order
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Hey there,

General consensus seems to be to go for the doorway pronto.  I'm for that.
Here's a possible marching order/organization:  group the party into
three echelons: doorway tester, doorway reinforcements and rear guard.  The
doorway tester is an individual who will be the first through the doorway
and see if there are any traps;  the doorway reinforcements is the bulk of the
party which will follow the tester at a safe distance and be ready to
aid the tester if some nasty creature pop's out inside the entrance; the rear
guard is a few party members who will be the last to enter: they will delay
the broo, possible stay right inside the doorway for a short time as the 
party inspects further inside (to see if anything follows the party) and if
anything does follow the party, warn and regroup to engage it.  Inital setup 
might be something like:


  \         Tester        /
   \          /
    \        /
     -----Doorway Reinforcements------

    ---Rear Guard---

     Broo (150m away)
            \\  Trolls
    Dragon         (1.5 km away)
          (several km)


Tester - Branahm
Reinforcements - Huvis, Miriya, Balinor, Guy, Luck
Rear Guard - Trak, Vorondyle, Leoshi (for missle attacks and wind shield)

Look O.K.? left out anyone?
If it seems good, Trak will go for center rear guard.

Dave "Trak" M.