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Format: name (player) description ...

Jamal (Charlie) is an elf. He wears leather armor and openly carries a
bow and a sword. He adorns his armor with a fine cloak emblazoned with
a flaming eye. Jamal's gaze misses little, and he is constantly in
motion. Jamal walks with a grace bordering on the divine.

Latifa (Helga) is a fuzzy. She wears chainmail armor and carries a
short sword (two handed for her) and a sling. Latifa is an expert shot
with a crossbow. She wears a set of crossbelts filled with an exotic
array of metal implements. Latifa has a tattoo on her forehead that she
tries to cover with fur.

Gruff (Josh) is a human. He wears platemail and carries a halberd.
Gruff's breastplate depicts his crest, a hand crushing a globe with the
blazon, "Gruff uberalles." Gruff has two bandoleers filled with oil
flasks. He laughs a little more than the average person and sometimes
seems to stare right through you.

Aziza (Kathy) is a fuzzy. She is quite active. Aziza wears leather
armor and carries a sling and a dagger. Her crest shows a hand reaching
into a treasure chest. Aziza is constantly disassembling and
reassembling things. They often even work when she is done with them.

Umar (Mark) is a bobbit. He rides a large flying lizard. Umar wears
only a loose fitting robe. He has one green eye and one purple eye.
Umar loves animals and has a pack of critters (various types) that
follow him around. He can't pass a wounded, domestic animal without
offering assistance. Umar speaks in small, thought provoking bursts.
When not helping animals, Umar is usually reading his spell book.

Waleed (Joe) is an elf and a mage. His friends call him "Dr. Death."
Waleed wears black robes and bears an interesting shield design ... He
loves to demonstrate his mastery of death and dying by describing
various ways to die and demonstrating on small insects, etc. Waleed
never passes up the opportunity to examine a corpse and describe the way
it met its demise. He carries a glowing scythe that Waleed calls

Mister X (Micah) is a fuzzy mage, or at least the other party members
believe that he is. The party knows little about him. He speaks
infrequently, and even then it is in whispered tones. Mister X is a
master of disguise, and, when he is not in disguise, Mister X wears a
cloak that covers his face. He rides a lynx that he calls Cuddles.
Mister X carries a glowing staff.

Thorn (Ben) is a Beijabar warrior. He wears chainmail and carries a
polearm. Thorn is very, very hairy. He loves to eat large quantities
of rare, red meat. Thorn is very strong.

Known Character Interactions -- Jamal and Aziza are wary of each other.
Everyone is wary of Waleed and Mister X. Gruff and Thorn get along
well. Umar never wants to get in front of Latifa, and she is always
trying to trick him into doing it. Mister X keeps an eye on Aziza.
Aziza seems to focus a larger amount of attention on Thorn than the
other party members.