The fireworks around Guy last a few moments --- until he walks unscathed 
from the conflagration.  Guy says ``Nice try!  You are no match for me now!  I 
am the rightful heir of this world.  You chided me when I joined the Void, but 
you don't appear to be laughing now!  I wonder if my uncle ever imagined that 
his last will and testament would ever lead to this!?!''

     Guy's comments are punctuated by several actions.  A glowing Void rune 
appears above his head, and slowly an Infinity rune begins to take shape.  Huvis
yells out ``Trahk-Chi use Darkness!  Vorondil use Plant and Fertility!  Leoshi 
use Storm and Heat!  We must bind or destroy him before he can finish his 
spell!''  Huvis levels his sword which glows with a soft green light at Guy and 
says ``take this you fiend!''  Runes begin to glow above the party's head.  
Various bolts, beams and waves of energy shoot toward Guy, but all stop short of
target.  The most dramatic is the lightning bolt shot at Guy by Huvis.  The 
lightning bolt does not reach Guy, but Huvis' sword shatters in his scorched 
hands.  From the wreckage of the blade a ghostly elvish form appears.  Tremir 
moves to Huvis and begins to minister to his wounds.

     A globe of energy emanates from Branahm and encases the party.  Guy 
continues his chanting, and the Infinity rune now glows with the brightness of 
the sun.  Guy's face reflects the joy of certain triumph and black wisps emerge 
from the floor of the chamber and begin to fill it.  The globe holds back the 
wisps at first, but soon it begins to shrink.  Branahm clutches his hand to his 
temples, and the sweat beads on his forehead.  Branahm screams as the sphere 

     Guy laughs as Miriya throws a shruiken at him.  The shruiken smashes into 
an invisible wall surrounding Guy.  As the wisps begin to enter the party's 
area, Phineas and Trahk Chi race toward Guy and launch themselves at him.  Trahk
Chi hits high and bounces off while Phineas dives low and is cast aside.  Guy 
brings his left hand above his head with the fingers splayed outward.  Tendrils 
of mist arise all around the room like some nightmarish forest.  Guy states 
calmly ``now it is over.''  With that said, Guy clutches his hand into a fist 
and throws down his arm.  The tendrils enclose the party --- and then the entire
scene is filled with light as the tendrils clear.  Guy collapses to the ground. 
Trahk Chi and Phineas rush over to Guy and sit on him.

     The Invisible God says ``none can be directly harmed or changed by 
another's efforts and will in this place.''

     Risk addresses the party.  ``We have company.  I found myself healed and 
dumped inside the circles of metal.  Someone or something has sealed off the 
pylon's entrance.  There does not appear to be another way out'' Risk says as he
sniffs the air.  A dark figure enters the Control Room behind him.

     The runes of True Master, Darkness, Void and Death adorn his black leather 
jacket and trousers.  A long serrated cloak of giant bat skin graces his back.  
His eyes smolder with an unholy fire.  His face is gaunt and pale.  Long claw 
like nails tip his fingers, and a mouth of spiky teeth the color of obsidian 
fill his smile.  Leoshi says in both question and statement ``Raem?!''

     Raem's gaze slowly traverses the room.  Vorondil says ``So, even those 
dragged to the Seven Hells rejoin us.  How charming.  I shall rejoice when all 
this is obliterated.''  Huvis says ``why are you back here?''  Raem ponders this
for a moment before responding.  Phineas picks himself off of Guy while this is 
going on, points at Raem and asks ``who is this?''  Risk says ``probably the 
greatest summoner of the past five centuries.''

     Raem takes a bow.  His cloak falls from his shoulders forming a circle 
about him on the floor.  Raem replies ``well spoken Risk!  Huvis, I wanted only 
to meet my colleagues for one last reunion.  That and ... well, to perform the 
greatest summoning the world has seen in millennia.  The old fool Acheron closed
the gates to the planes, and it was left to me to undo his mistake.  Whilst you 
argued and cajoled with Craggy and her ilk, I reopened the gates to the outer 
realms.  Behold!''

     The chamber's walls become as clear as glass.  The party once again beholds
the remains of Zhalindor, but now throughout the floating debris are glowing 
portals and creatures of all variety and form pour through the breaches into the
broken remains of the world.

     Raem says to no one in particular ``what to do for an encore?''  Balinor 
speaks for the first time in awhile and states matter of factly ``another 
prophecy is fulfilled.  `The gates to heaven and hell shall be opened in the 
last days, and the very gods shall walk again amongst mortals.' ''  Two figures 
appear to be coming toward the Control Complex.  Straining his eyes Kaliban 
Keen-Eye looks and says ``looks like Lord Eldar and the King of the Seven Hells 
are both coming to pay us a visit.''

     While this transpires, Tremir leaves Huvis nursing his wounds.  Tremir says
a brief incantation over Branahm who arises somewhat unsteadily.  Tremir 
continues on to stand over Cragspider and lightly touches her right shoulder as 
he says ``Oh thou Mother of Life, it is time to accept our own faults and bring 
love back to a world which has shed so much blood in its creation.  Now is not 
the time for inaction.  Your children need your guidance and aid.  When I look 
upon you I see the verdant fields and the seas teaming with fish.  Your breath 
touched me and brought life to a lifeless clay.''  Cragspider looks up after a 
moment.  There are tears in her eyes, and she reaches up and takes Tremir's hand
from her shoulder into her own ample grasp.  With Tremir's aid she arises, and a
green, peaceful glow surrounds her.

     Cragspider turns to face the Invisible God.  She sings a litany to the 
Master of Creation: 

          I represent the Life of the World.  
          I have given the rocks and the sea their ser-vants.
          We stand before thee as the children of thy boun-ty.
          We grieve for those errors we have made.
          We ask Thy for-give-ness.
          The spirit of Life moves across the heavens and through all 
          The tides of the seas worshipped Thee.
          The storms of the sky magnified Thy glor-y.
          Save us, defend us, gracious Lord, and deliver us into Thy 
     The Invisible God turns to Cragspider and says ``ask it, and thou shalt 
receive it.''  Cragspider turns to the party and says ``ask thou thy boon of the
Creator.  Tell Him the world as it should be.''

     Leoshi chooses her words carefully and surely and says ``A place that is 
organized and efficient.  There should be minimal interference from the Gods -
after all, the intervention of the gods does not show human strength and that's 
what things should be based on.  The gods have been doing a bit too much 
manipulating these last few days.''

     The Invisible God replies ``you shall receive as you have asked.  You shall
form a great nation Leoshi, and its end I have not yet seen.''

     Balinor says ``my entire existence has involved a quest for knowledge of 
the workings of the world, the gods, and everything.  I have finally reached the
end of this quest.  You oh Lord have all the answers I seek.  My
mother's death was the catalyst, and my nature embraced this quest for
knowledge.  I have always tried to remain impartial and have succeeded to a
large degree.  All I wants to do now is survive long enough to get the answers
to my remaining questions.  Still, there are those things which should not be a 
part of creation.  The Void needs to be expelled.''

     The Invisible God replies ``this very day you shall be with me and 
understand everything.  You will dwell with me a time until you have satisfied 
your wants and dreams, and then, your quest for knowledge shall extend beyond 
the confines of Zhalindor and the gods you have known therein.  Today dawns a 
new day, a day without end.''

     Raem says ``He who dwells in the shadows and only now reveals himself, oh 
Mad One!  I wish for the chance at the ultimate prize.  I wish to rule the 
planes.  I wish to summon, fight and struggle without end.  I wish for ultimate 
power over my surroundings.''

     The Invisible God replies ``you too shall receive your wish, but Raem, 
although I grant your request, it may not be in the manner in which you 

     Tremir says ``That is a difficult question.  There are many things about 
this world I would change, but eliminating these things would limit out own 
development.  We need some adversity to keep us honest and to show us the value 
of life.

   I truly feel that the Void has no respect for life and will only stop when
everything is destroyed.  If at all possible, I would remove it from this world
and return it to its place of origin.  Chaos is part of the entropy of the
world and has its place in it.  I would continue to struggle against it, but
would accept its existence.

     Last, I wish to say one last good-bye to his family and to have them sent 
a safe place,''

     The Invisible God replies ``Tremir, this day you have shown yourself to 
have the greatest gifts already, love and compassion.  Your family shall live in
a place where the sun shines brightly.  There will be virgin forests and clear, 
blue rivers.  Your children will spread like the seeds of the dandelions on the 
wind.  Your kin will discover new worlds and new challenges; yet, always they 
will be driven forward by what you first offered, your love and compassion.''

     Branahm says ``Assuming the world survives, I would like to see several 
things.  First and foremost, I would like to see it made a little more difficult
to travel from the my universe of birth to Zhalindor and back, to minimize 
the threat to the Imperium and the rest of the civilized races in the future.  
I would probably rather see this done by creating a gatekeeper style position
where travel had to be approved rather than just making it more difficult to
cast a certain spell.  On a more personal note, I would also like to see the 
Slaad shattered, their cities and centers of power wiped from the universe.  
In regards to the general populace of the plane . . . I would like to see those 
creatures of Void, Chaos and Evil destroyed or weakened.   I would also like to 
see those of my companions who have proven themselves sane to be rewarded.''

     The Invisible God replies ``Branahm, traveler of the planes, master of the
mind and spirit, so too shall your request be answered.  This day I shall create
a great chasm between the creatures of light and life and those of death and 
destruction.  I shall sever the link between those realms.  Your colleagues 
shall be rewarded according to their mettle and wishes.  The Slaad's cities 
shall be opened unto the denizens of the Abyss and likewise shall the Slaad be 
given access to the realms of those who worshipped the Rune of True Mastery.  As
to your `universe of birth', Zhalindor shall drink from the fountain of 
creativity this day rather than destruction, and you shall see the fruits of 
your labors in the cosmos.''

     Huvis offers ``Purge all of the Chaos and Evil from the world.  I'd like to
return the halfling population to Nerria.''

     The Invisible God replies ``this day Chaos, True Mastery and Void will hold
no more sway in your world Huvis.  The world you knew has passed away, but today
there shall be new heavens and new earths.  Your kith and kin shall be given 
mastery over a land much like the Nerria they knew from old.''

     Trahk Chi says ``I want a world where every troll is a mistress troll.  The
sun should never, ever shine there.  The bugs should be as big as the whales in 
the sea, and the fungi should grow stupid elves who can't hunt and dwarves who 
run into our maces.''

     The Invisible God replies ``Trahk Chi, this day the fruit of Kyger Lytor's 
loins will dwell in darkness where the sun cannot penetrate.  All trolls will be
mistress trolls.  The bugs will be big, but it is not the life of a warrior to 
hunt that which cannot defend itself.  So, there shall be challenges as well.  
Xiola Umbar saw the glory of the new born Yelm; so too someday shall the trolls 
meet the sun lit plains and mountains again.  In this challenge shall their 
glory come.  Arise from Guy, he cannot harm you here.''

     King Phineas says ``Well, I'd mostly like to see my wife and family.  
Missing Anna was the worst part about being dead.  And I'd like to go back to 
Nerria--I guess I'd like there to be a Nerria to go back to.  Most things about 
the old world were pretty good...there was ugliness, but a lot of beauty too.
        "Invisible God, when you make the new Zhalindor, don't leave out
the things that I loved about the old one.  Wipe out the horrible
parts--those blasted Thanatari and all the rest of the truly evil.  But
make the rest over again.  And don't have everything too safe and easy; I
reckon that we need to struggle sometimes to get better than we are.''

     The Invisible God replies ``Phineas, you shall be reunited with your family
and Chaos and Void will be beyond you.  Still, in the hearts of men there is 
some struggle.  This too shall exist in the new world.  I see you have questions
in your soul.  These I will answer as best as I can in due time.''

     Miriya says ``Lord, since I was a young girl, I've sought 
perfection--mastery of my style, unstained honor, righteousness in all my 
actions.  Yet I still stumble, even after five hundred years of striving.  I 
long for wisdom to see the right path and the strength to travel it.  The world 
is beautiful, but marred.  Make it perfect.  Take away death, and evil, and 
disease; refine us within your fire until our souls' temper is true.  Rule over 
us, and give us power to serve you.  Then I can finally rest from my 

     The Invisible God replies ``Miriya, today you shall be with Me in paradise.
You shall never know disease or death again.  The sun will never go down on your
countenance, and you shall dwell in My house forever.''

     Vorondil says ``destroy everything.  I seek the end of all creation.  In 
your glory, destroy that which you have made.''

     The Invisible God replies ``Vorondil, you shall have what you seek.  To you
is given the gift of dissolution.  Use it wisely and always hold the 
consciousness of your origin in highest stature.  The fate of worlds is yours 
and their children . . . unborn.''  

     The Invisible God holds his hands aloft and the runes of Chaos, Void, Death
and Man appear and come to them.  The Invisible God tosses Death to Vorondil.  
Vorondil plunges the Rune into his own abdomen.  His form withers and 
disappears.  As the rune of Death comes back to the Invisible God's hands he 
says in a sad voice ``this shall be the most difficult gift to deliver.''

     Granth says ``Lord, I wish only to serve Your will and walk in the glory of
Your ways.  For my eyes have seen the salvation of Your coming and the richness 
of Your understanding.''

     The Invisible God replies ``Granth, you are my chosen son.  Today you shall
join me in a way you cannot comprehend.  You shall be the teacher you were here,
and you shall rescue my children from ignorance and death.  The way will not be 
easy, but in the passing of today, the way will become clear.''

     Kaliban Keen-Eye says ``I have had enough of this demi-god stuff.  This is 
all too high powered for me.  Release me from legend, give me a sturdy bow and a
quest to serve.''

     The Invisible God replies ``your request shall be granted in the 
fulfillment of Risk's request.''

     Risk says ``I want the world to be a place where you can do daring things. 
It should be a fun place, not static.  Everything should be able to change if 
you try hard enough.  The world should have a built in sense of humor.''

     The Invisible God replies ``Risk, the world always is in need of a 
trickster.  Today king of bunnies, you shall be the new trickster.  You shall 
relieve Kaliban of his crown, but the burden will never be heavy on your brow.  
You will rule with wit and humor.  Whenever your companions see your paw prints 
in the dirt or the flash of your children's tails, the party will know you are 
with them still.''

     Guy arises and says ``I want your job!  I want to rule this stinking 

     The Invisible God says ``so you shall, so you shall.''

[More to follow...]