Turn 5 [Part I --- Common Turn]
                As you walk through the first ring of metal, the 
        anti-magical metal, a tingling passes through your body.  You 
        feel a bit of vertigo.  You notice that the ring has a series 
        of Runes and arcane symbols carved into it.  
                As you pass through the second ring, you feel cutoff 
        from your surroundings, and the darkness beyond swallows you 
        up.  Your heart hammers in your chest, and your throat 
        tightens.  You push aside the fear, and stride boldly forward.  
                You are aware that you pass the third ring but cannot 
        waste the effort to examine it in any detail; only your 
        unconquerable will moves you along.
                You are falling.  You look below and see nothing.  It 
        is cold.  You are dropping aware from Zhalindor.  Yelm's 
        flaming chariot passes beneath you, but what is this?  It is 
        moving backwards.  Faster and faster it moves until it becomes 
        a blurred ring across the sky.  You see things both as whole 
        and as parts.  Your mind seems drawn to key events as this 
        backward pageant of history assaults your senses at an ever 
        accelerating rate.  It is hard to tell what order some of the 
        events occurred in.
                The land under your feet changes colors with the 
        seasons more and more quickly.  You see the Runes flash for a 
        moment at the World Machine and scatter across the world, and 
        the power flows from your body.  A smudge of darkness twinkles 
        into being over the Thousand Isle, shrinks to a single island 
        and is extinguished.  The Runes of Negation and Good flash and 
        disappear.  You see a webs of power spread from: the northern 
        edge of Fess across the Lands of the Overlord, the Yin-Sloth 
        Jungles across Timeria, the Lunar Empire to the west into the 
        Troll lands.  The Runes of Mastery, Magic and Infinity converge 
        and form a talisman at several points, and the webs shrink and 
        expand to match these events and at last, each web disappears 
                The four deities of Kemer-Lexi, Roazite, Alimandros and 
        Filhean suddenly appear above Resserlin of Magrax.  The fertile 
        fields of the Lands of the Overland wink out one by one until 
        the continent to the east of Eldenvaan and Tumeria are virgin 
        forest.  Eldenvaan itself and great Xanduru disappear from view, 
        leaving only Slot in what is to become Eldenvaan.  Tiola Moldre 
        is in its full glory now, and even modern Xanduru and Credia 
        would blush at the splendor of Tiola Moldre's prime.    
                You see the glowing red of the Lunar Empire slowly 
        shrink until it concentrates onto the plateau from which you 
        rose and then in a fraction of a heartbeat, the Red Moon strikes 
        and melds with the landscape below.  The Lunar Rune flashes and 
        disappears.  Yet, there is a hole, a much smaller crater still 
        visible from your lofty vantage point, and it glows of blue.
                All Zhalindor suddenly shudders, and great cracks appear 
        in the foundations of the world.  The globes and orb converge 
        again, and a flash of light reveals a kingdom of shining white 
        and light.  The kingdom has gathered all the Runes into its 
        magical storehouse save three, Infinity, Magic and Mastery which 
        remain hidden to it.  The power of the kingdom stretches across 
        the world, and on its throne sits a noble being.  Kaliban 
        Keen-Eye calls out ``Hrothmir the Bold!''  The kingdom shrinks 
        until it consists only of Slot. 
                Slot suddenly disappears.  The Rune of Mastery 
        appearing as a crystal orb flies from the Yagha Tsorv mountains 
        to where Slot was.  The Infinity Rune appearing as a Red Globe 
        flies from the Thousand Isles to where Slot was, and the Rune of 
        Magic appearing as a green globe becomes visible where Slot was. 
         The three merge for an instance into the talisman of Power and 
        move to the east.  The place where the Great Waste now stands 
        flames brilliantly for an instance and transforms into a 
        verdant, lush land of bounty.  The roads and cities of the 
        Timerian Empire shrink until only the smudge of Credia remains, 
        and it too disappears.  
                Four demons of immense power and evil fly from the spot 
        which will be Credia and converge in the Great Woods to the 
        North.  A thousand, thousand rents appear in the skies above 
        Zhalindor, and a greater number of devils and demons issue 
        forth.  In the broken splinters of the Spike, the Runes of 
        Magic, Infinity, Mastery and Void fly above the head of Saint 
        Acheron.  The rents disappear, and the demons and devils fly to 
        various points in Zhalindor where they too disappear.  The 
        Runes of Magic, Mastery and Infinity fly back to the Isle of 
        Terror.  The four demon lords of Credia form the  Rune of True 
                The demon lords change form.  They seem like lesser 
        creatures now.  The lords are bipedal with greyish-tan skin, two 
        arms and smallish wings.  The party hears Branham's voice rumble 
        in rage and surprise in its collective minds with the single 
        word ``Droyne!?!?''  They fly to the Temple of Eldar and there 
        pickup the Rune of Void.  The demon lords fly backwards to the 
        Isle of Terror where they deposit the Runes of Mastery, Magic 
        and Infinity, and the demon lords disappear into the isle's 
        circle of stone.
                There are momentary flashes at the Control Complex and 
        the Heart of the World Machine in the Yagha-Tsorv Mountains, 
        and your heart sings with a feeling of renewed power and magic. 
        The Seven Slith Lords of Darkness erupt from the southern edge 
        of the world and move to spread across Palmalta to the shore.  
                The seas of Zhalindor glow blue for an instant and the 
        Slith Lords move across the World.  Zones of devastation appear 
        and disappear ahead of their paths.  Their paths wend their way 
        back eventually to Zhalindor's places of Power: the Upland 
        Swamp, the Swamp of Fess, the Heart of the World Machine, the 
        Center of green and growing Great Waste, the Temple of Palmalt, 
        the Temple of the Rising Sun, the Citadel of Lead, Cragspider's 
        Keep at Falling Sky Lake, and others.  The Slith Lords 
        widdershins travels take them back to Palmalta, and they too 
        fade into the recesses of history.
                Horrors of Void and madness erupt from the land and 
        rays of power lance back from the Old Ones to the Blue Moon 
        which sinks into the blue, glowing hole and merges neatly with 
        the land around it.  The whole sky flashes, and you are 
        temporarily overcome with blindness and a feeling of near 
        infinite power.  When the dazzle leaves you, the Old Ones 
        converge to a point near the edge of the World at the Isle of 
        Terror and the Spike stands whole and beautiful at the center 
        of Zhalindor.  The Yin Sloth jungles are fertile and pure.  The 
        Swamp of Fess is a forest, and the Thousand Isles are an 
        island, continent.  A tare appears in the fabric of Zhalindor 
        and the Runes of Void, Infinity, Magic and Mastery dance about 
        the Circle of Stones on the Isle of Terror.  The Old Ones 
        plunge headlong into the tare and it closes.
                The Runes of Power, Infinity, and Magic speed back to 
        the Spike while the Rune of Void goes north to the hell pits 
        (near Sky Fall Lake) and disappears into the Netherworld.  The 
        Rune of Death emerges from the hell pits, and many deities whom 
        the party does not recognize appear and meld with the land below. 
        The Rune of Death flies back to the underworld.  
                A moment later the Runes of Void, Man and Death emerge 
        from the base of the world.  A being looking much like the demon 
        lords is spirited out of the underworld.  He appears to be 
        sleeping soundly.  Branham mutters ``an Ancient!''  The Ancient 
        wakes and  speaks to a being robed in a pure sky blue.  The 
        Ancient takes the Runes of Void, Man and Death and flies into the 
        Circle of Stones in what will become the Thousand Isles.  
                All the Runes in the world appear briefly, ringed around 
        the perimeter of Zhalindor.  Each is held by its champion and 
        first holder.  The Spike in the center holds a figure robed in 
        blue.  The Runes fly back to him, and he and the deities fade 
        back into Zhalindor below.  
                Yelm's journey ends abruptly and the world is plunged in 
        darkness.  Trolls, giant insects, fungus forests and the 
        denizens of Darkness form throughout the world.  The party hears 
        the bellow of joy of Trahk Chi remembering the mythical time of 
        the great Troll good on Zhalindor.  The oceans rise and swell. 
        The air shrieks and moans above the lands.  Great bolts of power 
        and destruction are loosed across the length and breadth of 
        Zhalindor. The deities of the world battle. 
                Just as quickly, Yelm appears in the sky above 
        Zhalindor forever circling the Spike and the home of the 
        world's first gods and goddesses.  The Great Aldrami Forest now 
        covers the entire northern continent with the exception of the 
        Yagha-Tsorv mountains, the lush plains of the Great Waste and 
        the Eastern Lands.  Dragons wheel freely through the air, and 
        there are series of roads (paths?) marked by the plinths of the 
        Dragon-Newts.  There seems to be great activity at the three 
        circles of stones in Zhalindor.  Kingdoms appear and disappear 
        in the twinkling of an eye, generally centered on the circles 
        of stone.  The gods and goddesses appear in the skies above and 
        then one by one disappear into one of the three circles of 
        stone, seemingly chosen at random.  Three figures remain: 
        Cragspider, The Dragon-Emperor and the figure in blue.
                Zhalindor itself now changes.  The borders of the world 
        begin to close in on themselves.  The Control Complex moves 
        south to the Spike.  The Yagha-Tsorv mountains and the Spike 
        are the last features to remain.  The Yagha-Tsorv mountains 
        fold into the Spike.  Cragspider, the Dragon-Emperor and the 
        blue figure stand at the very top of the Spike and around them 
        the edges of the world rage against the forces of the Void 
        outside them.  One by one, the primal Runes flash and 
        disappear.  The three figures seem to be pondering their forms, 
        and several Runes the party does not recognize are semi-formed 
        and discarded.  
                In the end, only four Runes remain: Infinity, Magic, 
        Mastery and Dragon-Newt.  The Dragon-Newt Rune disappears, and 
        the Dragon-Emperor appears as a human male clad in flowing robes 
        of silvery material.  The Runes of Magic, Infinity and Mastery 
        merge into a table or small platform.  The Dragon-Man walks 
        backwards into the table and disappears.  Cragspider now becomes 
        a middle aged woman also clad in the silvery material.  The 
        three remaining Runes once more emerge from the table.  
        Cragspider and the blue robed man are using them to weave a 
        complex spell.  The Spike itself recedes . . . and your 
        consciousness falls back into a small sphere . . . you are 
        falling again . . . falling . . . 
                [Part II --- coming soon]