======================Turn 4=================================
        Cragspider continues her chanting and glowing red runes of Magic, 
     then Death and last Infinity form and flash in front of her.  Huvis 
     levels his sword.  Miriya takes a stance and begins chanting under her 
     breath.  Vorondil knocks an arrow and takes careful aim; he dare not 
     miss.  After an uncertain heartbeat the tension is broken as Guy takes 
     the initiative and launches black, flowing tendrils of energy from his 
     abdomen into Cragspider!  The entryway is immediately gripped in a 
     bone numbing chill eminating from Guy.  Cragspider screams, her spell 
     disrupted, and turns to face this new assailant.  
        Heedless of either danger or logic, scrambling forward, dodging 
     every attempt to stop him, Risk leaps toward Cragspider with daggers 
     drawn. Leoshi attempts to deflect him before he can reach Cragspider! 
      Unfortunately, Miriya had the same plan, and Miriya's and Leoshi's 
     feet collide in mid-air, pitching Risk forward and causing him to 
     tumble end over end.  Risk, laughing insanely, forms a flying cross 
     (resembling a halfling buzzsaw)!!! Risk is clearly enjoying this as 
     the other party members watch in abject horror.  (Each of the party 
     members grimaces internally remembering a plethora of such memorable 
     confusions in the past . . .)  ;-)  Leoshi and Miriya both tumble to 
     their feet in fine martial arts fashion and silently glare at each 
        Cragspider is destracted from Guy for the moment by the spectacle 
     approaching her, and she mutters ``what the ...'' just as Huvis nods 
     to Granth and shouts ``now!''  Granth levels his electrum staff at 
     Guy, and a blinding blast of energy courses into him!  The air 
     flashes with the Runes of Magic, Heat and Air.  The room becomes 
     noticeably warmer and the air is filled with the smell of burnt flesh 
     and ozone as Guy slumps to the floor, clearly stunned but apparently 
     not dead.  Granth mutters ``that was enough to vaporize a legion for 
     Aldrya's sake!  What is that *THING*!?!?''
        As if to puntuate Granth's remark, the party hears the sound of 
     sizzling bacon (and smells something akin) as the cackling Risk 
     collides with Cragspider, burns and drops to the floor of the 
     entryway with a sickening plop.  Cragspider hardly flinches; she 
     shakes her tangled skien of hair and remarks ``whose next!?''  The 
     party inside shifts nervously about for a moment. 
        Meanwhile, Trahk-Chi, Huvis and Vorondil notice a subtle change 
     coming from *outside* the obelisk.  The Trollish chanting outside 
     takes on a new form, and the party can make out the sounds 
     ``AN-NIL-LA-UZ-UZ-AN-NIL-LA-UMBAR-AN-NIL-LA-ZOBAR.''  The fiery sun 
     is slowly being pulled to the ground.  The sounds of battle can be 
     distintly heard coming from the lip of the crater. 
        Trahk-Chi looks up to see a centaur approaching the entrance.  His 
     hooves are shod in iron, and he brandishes a runic lead maul in 
     either meaty fist.  On his head is a crown of iron bearing the runic 
     inscriptions of Master, Man and Beast.  He glances about and states 
     to no one in particular ``hail and well met!  I am Kaliban Keen-Eye!  
     Let us be about whatever it is you're doing; the fester cesspools of 
     Chaos is nearly upon us.  I've not lived millenia to let the likes of 
     gorp, slith and broo take my world now!''
        For the first time, Kaliban looks down and sees the form of Styles 
     sprawled over the entrace.  His howl of grief is deafening as he 
     turns his head to the heavens and bellows over his long time friend 
     and partymember.
        Huvis begins to speak in a strange language to Cragspider who 
     begins to respond in one tongue and then switches to another.  Then, 
     Tremir breaks in by saying 
     **More to follow!**