This is the third attempt at getting this to leave the building!  LMI is
in the midst of trying to upgrade its e-mail system, and heaven help us in the 

        Let me start with a couple of admin things.  I have included the format 
for PC input at the end of the document.

        We will run this on a bi-weekly basis; that is, I will be sending out 
the turns once every two weeks.  The first turn will be due back from you on 
Thursday, September 22, and I will send out the follow-up on Monday, September 
26.  That should give folks plenty of time to send back in queries, ask 
questions off line, etc.  Since it is being done via e-mail, it will be wholly 
descriptive in character (e.g. no dice rolls, etc.).  I have run a play by mail 
campaign previously called the ``Ishmolin Campaign'' and did a newsletter and 
such (I might rejuvenate it if there is enough interest after the Final Session 
is complete).  The best types of instructions for turns are those that are very 
descriptive and give character motivation.  (It is impossible to anticipate what
all of the other PCs/NPCs will do, but if I know what your character's objective
is then I can figure out how he/she would attempt to accomplish it.)  Please 
feel free to communicate with me at any time about anything in the Campaign, and
interact with the other players off-line too.  (Some things will be sent out 
privately, and I would ask to use discretion with those items.)  The key thing 
is have a good time with it!  You have all played in the Campaign for many 
years, and you can see Zhalindor more clearly than I can (really).  Without 
further adieu, here is the description for the first turn . . .

        The Final Session begins with the reconstruction of the World Machine.  
The party entered Boldhome deep in the heart of the Yagha Tsorv mountains.  As 
they made their way through warren of dwarvish tunnels, there was a pervading 
sense of anticipation.  The air was filled with a feeling of excitement.   The 
characters' hair stood on end (especially Trahk Chi who had a lot of hair to 
stand on end!)  Vorondil and Leoshi found themselves catching their breath.  
Luck scratched nervously behind his ears.  The party came at last to the smooth 
cylindrical passage leading to the heart of the world.  The walls glowed with a 
light bluish radiance.  The group slowly made its way down the unnatural tunnel,
old beyond reckoning.  As they made their way, the tunnel sealed behind them; 
this was a one-way trip.  

        Upon reaching the bottom, the party was startled to discover that most 
of the World Machine had already been reassembled!  Suddenly, the reappearance 
of Runic Masters and Runic constructs made more sense.  The World Machine was 
now more functional than it had been since the sundering when the hoards of 
Chaos had poured into creation.  The party knew that there were other groups who
sought to reassemble the Machine, but they had always thought themselves to be 
in competition with the other groups.  Perhaps there was some grand design at 
work here!  ``It's a conspiracy!'' cried Huvis, but the remainder of the party 
was awed by the glowing chamber and the sight of the True Runes lying within the
workings of the World Machine.  

        The chamber itself was a flattened spheroid.  The bottom was flat and 
placed within an Octam were eight of the primal Runes; there were room for three
more.  Along side the Octam was a row, and in the row were pieces of the Tree of
Life, carved before the Dawning.  There were two spaces.  One by one, the party 
placed the Runes in their positions in the great Machine; as each True Rune was 
placed, the party recited the name of the original holder of that Rune --- some 
gods long forgotten --- and the pieces of the World Machine began again to work 
in harmony.  As the last portion was wed and sealed a voice broke across the 
hushed room.  The sibilant voice purred ``Prime kernels are in place; enter the 
access code to restore Zhalindor functionality.''  

        The party demurred, but with the aid of the Trickster, the party was 
able to solve the riddle given to them in the rhyme for just this occasion . . .
``a Name, a Code, Time's one True Name . . . mankind's first name and home.''  
As the answer was given ``Ter-ran'', the voice spoke again ``Zhalindoran repair 
complete.  Primal kernels functional.  Further initiation must be completed from
the Control Complex.''   The party collectively sighed relief; they had 
accomplished their mission.  Yet, there were more questions than answers.  What 
effect would reassembling the World Machine have?  Who sundered it to begin 
with?  Where was that person now?  What should the party do now?  Guy was the 
first to notice the sparkling lavender bridge which appeared on the oblong wall 
of the chamber.  

        The party stepped upon the glowing locus and began the journey to the 
Control Complex.  The party found itself being transported at incredible speeds 
high above Zhalindor toward the north to the Lunar Empire to the Blue Crater, 
but the group's attention was not focused ahead.  All around them the signs of 
final conflict and destruction were evident.  

        Armageddon had begun.  The drowned sailors rose from the depths and 
Magasta's watery grip and sailed once more the oceans. The faithful of Humakt 
poured forth from the pits of Hell; the greatest Death Lords of history swung 
swords and sang battle cries.  Their cries did not fall on deaf ears.  The 
Thanatari Dead and Doomed poured forth like putrid slime from a wound in the 
Earth.  The Red Bat careened from the Lunar Empire.   The Lords of Chaos and the
Void broke their bonds and stalked again the Earth.  The Seven Slith Lords flew 
across the heavens.  The block was lifted, and the Devil spewed forth to do 
battle.  A legion of mistress trolls marched forth from the Temple of Lead, and 
the Storm Bull was visible in the realms of Umath.  The battles were mighty.  
Some fought for empires.  Some fought for life, but the majority it seemed 
fought for the utter destruction of the World.  Unless the party did something, 
Zhalindor was doomed. 

        As the party touched down at the Blue Crater, the entrance to the 
Control Complex was visible and marked by the Octogram, sacred symbol of the 
Balance Cult.  Before the doorway sprawled the wreckages of two bodies.  Before 
the party could ponder the identity of these two unfortunates, it found itself 
presented with another quandary.  A familiar form detached from the shadows.  It
was Miriya.

        Miriya pointed to the two bodies an explained ``That one is Styles'', 
and Miriya tilted back the skull to reveal the fangs.  ``Good riddance!  There 
never was such a thing as a `good' vampire!  The other is the Wandering Tien.  
He is better off dead.  The prophecies are true.  Armageddon is upon us!  We 
must seize control of the World Machine and do our part to stop the carnage!''


OK, what I would like to have from each of the characters is the following:

        * Please send out a brief description of your character to everyone on 
the mailing list between now and September 12, this coming Monday.  It has been 
quite awhile since the last session we did, and it would be good to get everyone
back  in the swing of the Campaign.  Please include both physical and 
personality descriptions.  Note, I'm asking for this before the regular turn is 
due, because I want folks to have a chance to respond to the descriptions.

        * Send me any questions or comments you have ASAP.  I will send out 
supplemental information as required.  Please indicate whether this is personal 
or public in nature.

        * Send in the next turn by September 22.  The turns should include the 
following.  Indicate your player's immediate actions and highlight anything your
character would like to say to the group.  Let me know what your character's 
*intent* is.  Ensure I know if you are trying to keep things from the other 
party members.

        Das ist alles.  Look forward to hearing from you!


        Rich Staats
        Grossen Spielmeister