Joe’s Character Background

	You are originally from Germany, but your childhood memories of the 
Fatherland are not happy ones.  You see, you are descended from a secret 
race which wrestled the secrets of the Elder gods from the Apemen of the Leng 
Plateau before the dawn of civilization.  Naturally, Adolph Hitler and his entire 
Nazi band wanted these secrets.  So, the Nazis hunted your people like animals.  
You were born in a criminal safehouse.  Throughout your childhood you fled 
across Europe.  You learned early on how to set traps and make tricks to delay 
or capture a Nazi soldier.  Stealth was of the utmost importance.  
“oieruwe’ieruoiw ioxcereyu’kwee kjajsleu’jdkf    skfj’skdjf’wkejr”  your grandfather 
used to say which in the ancient Ape-speech means “the unseen banana goes 
unplucked!”  You did have one faithful, constant companion as a child though, 
and that was your pet wallaby.  Wally was a bit unusual for not only are 
wallabies rare in Germany  but magenta wallabies are rarer still.  Wally is very 
intelligent and able to communicate ideas to you and vice versa (like Lassie!)  
Your father had two books handed down from generation to generation; they 
were Volume V of the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan and People of the 
Monolith.  Many an idle hour were spent on your father’s knee as he gibbered 
on about the Great Old One’s or the horrific sacrifices requried when the stars 
were right to release the waiting minions; yes, those were the days!  Your training 
came in handy one day when you were able to use a trap to stop a Nazi from 
grabbing a nine year old Jewish boy.  His father was a surgeon, and although he 
could not pay you in cash or belongings (he was forbidden by the Reich to 
practice his trade), he more than made up for it by showing you a little of the art 
of surgery.  Eventually it proved too much for your father; whether it was the 
stress of constant hiding, the strain of raising a family on the lam in war torn 
Europe or the huge winged horrors which sailed down to carry him away, you’ll 
never know, but shortly thereafter you and your mother fled to the USA.  

	Here you have made your fortune acting in the “best” of movies.  The 
current two shootings will look great in your resume`.