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It was founded by my good friend and editor, Pete Maranci. I published a regular column, "the Guest," in "IR" for several years. (Much of my published gaming material came out of projects for "IR.") Eventually, Pete left the editor job to attend to life's demands including a new job, a new wife, and eventually a new child. (Congratulations Pete!) About half of the contributors left when Peter did. Some of the stalwarts decided to have "a go" at reviving "IR," and it managed well enough for another year or so. I have not seen an issue in a while; so, I think that it might be defunct at this point.

PBeM Campaign Turns

Introduction/Overview of PBeM Campaign **Under heavy construction** Read Me First!

This is a continuation of a Campaign that has been running now since 1976.

Campaign History

A quick Campaign history is as follows. 

Years 		Location 			[Title] 
1976-80         Wisconsin                       [A Fistful of Gold and Steel]
1980-84 	West Point, NY, USA 		[Soldier, Wizard, Thief]
1985-86 	Stuttgart, Germany 		[The Perils of Immortality]
1986-88 	Zweibruecken, Germany 		[The Death of a Nation]
1988    	Hopewell, VA, USA 		[Nature's Revenge]
1988-89 	Tong du Chong, S. Korea 	[Bits and Pieces]
1988-90	 	Play-by-Mail(Ishmolin Campaign) [The Wages of War]
1988-90 	Fort Riley, KS, USA 		[The Avataress of Kemer-Lexi]
1990-92 	Cambridge, MA, USA 		[The Last Rise of the Lichlord]
1992-94 	Cambridge, MA, USA 		[The Demise of Moloch and Things left undone]
1994-Present 	PBeM 				[The Crater at the End of Time]
1994-95 	McLean, VA, USA 		[The Wolfen and Slith War]
1997-2000       McLean, VA, USA                 [The Kernan Campaign]
2000-01         Fairfax, VA, USA                [The Lost Tribe of Palmalta]
2001            Fairfax, VA, USA                [Things Undone: Exploration of Silfa and Starside Sessions]
2001-05         Fairfax, VA, USA                [The True Shall Set You Free]
2005-07         Fairfax County, VA, USA         [Exploits of the Pirate Queen: Run by Ken Byrer]
2006-10         Various Locations World-wide    [Sins of the Fathers]
2011-14         Fairfax, VA, USA                [Bold Beginnings]
2014-18         Fairfax, VA, USA                [Strands of Fate]
2016-18         Fairfax, VA, USA                [PBeM: Quantum Entanglement]
2018-Present         Fairfax, VA, USA                [A Gathering of Heroes]         

Greatest appreciation is given to all the party members who played over the years! 

	A partial list is: Dr. Marcy Meyer, Samantha Zylstra, Dr. Eric Zylstra, Phillip Hume, John "Tewks" Tewksbury, Dr. Jessica Maybar-Staats, Jon Roorda, Joey Wyzorek, Anca Mosou, Dr. dan brown, La Mica Belzer, Mark Brandreth, Alexander Mueller, Rodrigo Rubio, Dr. David Markowitz, Irina Clements Staats, Costa, Charles Cavazos, Susan Meckfessel, Robert Lee, 
Steven, Danny and Michael Kunkel, William Reed, Chuck and Todd Forest, 
Randy Schultz, Dr. Robert Sadowski, David Hayes, Danny Schwitalla, 
Todd Foley, Lalit Jain, the late Joe Gaskill, Micah Sisk, Mark Thomas,
Josh Caulfield, Kathy, Beth and Ben Staats, James, Erik, Christine Johnson,
 Marlena Jones, Erin Obrien, Greg Friend, Charlie Ball, 

Crater at the End of Time PBeM Turns

Overview of the World (Part I)
First Turn
Questions/Answers on the First Turn
Second Turn
Questions/Answers on the Second Turn
More Questions/Answers on the Second Turn
Even more Questions/Answers on the Second Turn
Party Plan for Turn 2
Third Turn
Questions/Answers on Third Turn
Fourth Turn (Part I)
Fourth Turn (Part II)
Questions/Answers on Fourth Turn
More Questions/Answers on Fourth Turn
Fifth Turn (Part I)
Fifth Turn (Part II)
Fifth Turn (Part III)
Questions/Answers on Fifth Turn
Turn Six
More general questions
Interesting moral debate . . .
Questions/Answers on Sixth Turn
Seventh Turn (Part I)
Exposition on Turn 7 by Eric Zylstra
Seventh Turn (Part IIa)
Seventh Turn (Part IIb)
Watch here (at some point in a time far, far away) for the startling conclusion, "Cosmos, Crater, Watchmaker!"

A Selection of Additional Interesting Links

The History of Guinea Pigs

A Selection of Work Related Links

The MITRE Corporation
Presentation to International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Operations Research Michael Trick's CMU OR Site
AAAI Homepage American Association for Artificial Intelligence

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