Praise, honor and glory be to the Invisible God and to his loyal followers that maintain and preserve the balance of the immortals, the operation of the world machine, and the cycle of life. To the Mother of Gods, my thanks.

This journal is under the hand of Acheron the Pattern Master. I take pen in hand at a time when my quest is at an end.

May this book aid those that follow to fulfill my quest.

I was called by the high council of Tharn at the Tower of the Rising Sum. In those days, some dozen thousand annual cycles from the day I write this, the council met seasonally. Arco the Seventh was the governor of Credia, and he was addressing this meeting of the council. I was ostensibly called to address Arco's concerns about how safe were the seals that I had placed

on the four demon lords binding them at the founding of "his" city. I could see the legitimacy of his concern. I did my best to explain the arcanum to Arco, but I never felt he really was reassured. Still, the council officially endorsed my explaination for which I was grateful. Arcoleft with his sealed document that I assume some dignitary wanted in his realm.

In many immortal years, I have met then thousand time ten thousand mortals on hundreds of worlds in dozens of planes, but my heart still goes out to them and their concerns. I love the children the best. The represent the best that their civilizations represent.

It was an appeal to this soft spot of mine that began my quest.

I was ready to take my leave when Malachi asked me to stay and talk to him. Malachi said that, although Arco's short(?) was misplaced in his fears for the Four imprisoned in Credia, there was unfinished business. Malachi mentioned the False Runes.

We talked at length about my encounters with the Four.

It was a mighty battle. I researched them at length

before engaging in battle with them. My first attempts were abortive. I was lucky to escape with my life.

In the end, after a dozen or more attempts, I stole back to speak with the Silver Dwarf. He helped me loosen the bonds on half of the Stasis Rune. I set a trap for them. The bait was a copy of the Book of

Infinite Spells plus the Code Book and my own precious immortal blood. I used the Rune to good effect trapping the four within. I paused in my tale. Malachi said that my solution was perhaps necessary, but certainly not sufficient. He asked what I did to actually bind them. That is a painful story indeed, because I had to face my own

fears and beliefs. I traveled to the Nexus for answers -- the border between what is and what could be -- between the mortal, spirit and god realms. There, after many trials and travails, I found grand old Malkon, the first mortal mage, chatting with the Trickster. Malkon said that he had been expecting me. It is always disconcerting to be expected at a place

you did not know you were taveling to yourself. Still, I have become used to it in dealing with the mighty and seminal. I inclined my head in respect before the finder of the Seven Slith Lords at the end of the First Age. The Trickster laughed and said,

"The riddle you seek
is the riddle you shall wreak.

The Four immortals by mortal made.
Less than God but a better sage.

Father of men, but not your sire.
Charred and burned, untouched by pyre.

Unmoving, unchanging but not quite dead
In Daka Fal's halls, he keeps his bed

Immune to magic and physical harm
Only words can the Four charm.

At heart of myth, this lie you meet.
A good grandfather gifts what you seek."

Malkon said, "Well, there it is Archon." I said, "Master, help me a little." Malkon said, "Seek out Grandfather Mortal -- all will become clear." My quest took me to the Halls of the Dead. I looked upon Subae, goddessof the secret dark; I spoke with Humalet, god of honorable death; I was judged by Daka Fal. At last I stood before the form of Grandfather Mortal.

What I learned that day, shook me to the quick. I did not ever give my thoughts to Malachi. The Grandfather gave me the WORDS that turned the Four demon lords into willing slaves. Disgusted, I sealed them away in the center of a huge binding circle. The magical energies attracted settlers, and it became the center of human culture in the Second Age.

Malachi asked me what I know of the Four's minions. I knew very little. It had not been my task. Malachi pressed. He praised my binding of the Four, but Malachi said that there was a powerful servant of Evil and Chaos named ALCHON that had survived the loss of the Four. Malachi said that the Four had controlled many diabolical minions using something

called the False. I agreed to explore the problem in more detail. So began the quest...

<insert diagram here>

I found out much about the False. There are twenty-five of them, and they are not in fixed forms. They are alluring beyond belief. Any mortals or groups of mortals would have a hard time resisting their charms. The False are subtle in their effects. In most cases, the wielder is not even aware of the False's true potential. All are tied to several of the True Runes. The first of these is the Rune of Evil (called

the Rune of True Mastery by its closest advocates) <insert Rune of True Mastery glyph here>. The effects of this dire rune is manifest in a variety of ways, but in each case the overall impact is evil. The next Rune that influences the False is the Void <insert Void Rune glyph here>. This manifests itself in the False allowing the veil betweens the planes to grow thin. The presence of the False is often foretold by the proximity of

extra-planar creatures -- especially those from the lower planes. Amazing and disturbing is that the last common Rune of association is that of Man <insert Rune of Man glyph here>. There is a clear lure to the mortal races -- it is a lure and a trap. The twenty-five False are more powerful together than individually. I shall describe what I learned of the False in the pages that follow.

Felix is the first. It represents struggle ending, success, and worldly wealth.

Validus represents health, resisting disease, wildness, strength and struggle. The demon Nick is associated with this False.

Spina is a warding, a protection, a pain, and a weapon.

Ostium manifests in wisdom, deliberation, and communication.

Ineris represents travel, unexpected messages, and journies.

Taeda represents creativity, new life, knowledge and children.

Donum captures love, relationships and valor as well as obligations. This False has been associated with the demon Baal.

Laetus speaks to good fortune, harmony, the unexpected and fluidity.

Stiria conjures images of the dark, the cold, and the hidden.

Res represents authority, time, death and the inevitable.

Gravedo captures cold, ice and destruction as well as stasis.

Cervus meas(?) elk, grass or amber. This False is also associated with protection and with the demon Lytra.

Adustus shows life, confidence, and a spiritual guide. It is also associated with the Sun.

Auctor is bread and meat of the warrior. It shows courage, represents journey, and points to situations where courage is required.

Fecundus represents fertility, vigor, and children. It is also associated with the demon Klema.

Flagellum brings travel, change, and is associated with nomads and emotion.

Messor points to the harvest, cycles and justice. It has associations with the demon Nimelcha.

Praeses can be defense, protection, a bow, or a gateway.

Pellis represents mystery and the hidden. This False is also connected with Ravens.

Homines portrays a human centric view of the world. It is associated with the demon Mezpo.

Marina speaks to the water, the tides, and things hidden. This False is also associated with the demon Breha.

<This is a ripped page or a loose paper inserted at this point in the book, written quickly in larger letters by the same hand>

At last I have it? The relationship between the isles and the False is simplicity itself. This diagram

<There is a part of a diagram here>

Anime represents life, desire, and fertility. The demon Plague is never far away from Anime.

Dies is a warm symbol with associations to new life, new growth, and the sun.

Domus represents house and hearth, wealth and money.

Occultus fears no symbol. It is the trigger through which the clever witch is able to control the other False.

In addition to the False, there are several other agencies that one should be aware of in confronting the False.

The clever adventurer will no doubt run across the Ten demons sworn to defend the False. Their names are Mezpo, Nimlecha, Lytro, Raziel, Klema, Breha, Hamdu, Baal, Plague and Nick. One of the clever devices these demons have tried to build is the dread Deadgate. The Deadgate is a huge structure that covers an area with metal

and crystal, filled with spikes to hold the heads of intelligent creatures. The Gate draws all the soulds of those the die within several hundred miles and send them to the infernal master of the Deadgate.

The Assassins are active in the Thousand Ilses. This was my first clue where the False had hidden themselves. So make no mistake these False are malevolent and would seek to hide themselves.

I ran across Garrot Joe in Kalabay. He had the ability to hide his crimes from most scrying spells. I was able to catch up with him, knowing more as I do about the workings of the False and the World Machine in general. Joe was more than willing to discuss his cult once I revealed my power to him. Joe confided that the Assassins' powers were

from Pellis. He also told me that the Seekers and the Bards in the Thousand Isles used the power of the False as well. Ostium would seem to fit the Bards while Taeda would seem natural for the Seekers.

Yes, the Thousand Isles in Magasta's Pool. I wondered what secret that oldest and wisest of the gods of Law might know -- and hide.

Since it is clear that the False reside in the Thousand Isles in only a small section, I will highlight that island grouping where Garrot Joe led me to believe the False lay.

<map Yandis and surrounding islands>

The island of Yandis and its surrounding isles is a haven for the production of narcotics and pirates. It is no surprise that the vile Alchon makes his home there. Alchon whose tendrils of evil stretch from the edge of the world on the west to Kalabay to the east. No doubt he and his reavers have collected several of the False, including Occultus. Brohar's Isle is the home of the devil Brohar. Oddly enough he and his pit fiends have struck a balance of terror against Alchon and his

demonic support. The one shining hope is the presence of the Black Hawk and his followers who oppose Alchon on every turn. The Black Hawk and his followers hold sway on Yandis itself.

<map of Tallibar>

The island of Tallibar is the home of a live volcano.

Despite the presence of the volcano, there is an extremely diverse and vibrant range of flora on the island. From reports, you can actually see the plants grow on Tallibar. Also, those that land of this island often suffer from the plague afterward.

<map of Nissa, Umbria and Humbar>

Nissa, Humbar & Umbria are three lush and lovely islands. The Thracian order of the Thaliban Society of Light has made its home near the peak of Humbar. The Order has a wonderful collection of vinyards, pastures, and orchards. My times there have ever been restful. I used the teleporters to get around there. The darker the gem, the deeper you go. From the lowest level it is possible to travel to the Circle of Stones island.

What evil could be wrought if the forces of the False were able to defeat the Order and get to the Circle. Mother of Gods forbid it!

Umbria is home to a peaceful community of the blind. They fill(?) a peaceful existence. My worries always seem to fade when I have experienced their ministrations. Nissa is a trading hut(?). The spinners and weavers are quite talented. Some of their work is even magical.

<map of Formentor, Mombassa, and Sydra>

Mombassa is a strange island indeed. It is completely covered in ice, even in the tropical region that is the area surrounding these three islands. Formentor is a beautiful island but nature's beauty is spoiled by

the racist attitudes of the islanders. Other races that are foolish or unlucky enough to land on the island's shore are routinely beat and sometimes killed. Sydra is a festering mass of chaos. The worshippers of Baal have a strangle-hold on the islands. I have found legends that spoke of Sydra as a lush, verdant island. It is difficult to imagine what force could have so vastly changed the face of something that was apparently so beautiful.

<map of Johare>

Johare is a beautiful island. It is the home of a sacred grove for the druids that surrounds a dead volcano. It is rumored that some creatures from the elemental plane of fire are found near this volcano. There are two groups on the island constantly at war with one

another. One group worships Bast, goddess of cats, while the other group worships Set, the god of snakes and the dead. The worshippers of Bast tend to have many undead servants while these are anathema to the worshippers of Set. So the battle rages over the hearts and souls of the islanders. You would not know it from the outside though. It seems like a peaceful enough place. I've rested there more than once.

<map of Revail, Kos, and Pemba>

Revail or Reval as it is sometimes known is a large island with many natural resources. There are two competing groups on the island. One group is a fecund lot having settled originally from the mainland. Quintuplets are common with these people. Their adversaries are tied to their horses. They have nearly a telepathic link with

their mounts. They are skilled in the ways of spiritual warfare and can call wraiths to their aid. The demon Klema finds many worshippers on this island.

Kos is an isle of the "spirituallt enlightnened." The inhabitants hold they are above "the laws of man." In fact, the denizens there were often ruthless than the groups that complained about. I had to go through a "ritual cleansing" before being allowed on the island. The water pool was the "shrine of serenity" found in the middle of the island.

Pemba is an agrarian island. The natives practice a very rigid system of life. Everything is specified and done as it has been for centuries. The demon Nimlecha has a following there that seems incongruous with the general society. The leader of the island is called the Justicar. There are rumors that he can read thoughts and punishes those that violate the laws of the "Grange(?)." Best be on your wits when your on this island as "ignorance of the law is no excuse."

<map of Groot-Beren, Blood Island, and Lamiat>

Groot-Beren is a warrior island. The fighters there are led by a shamanistic order. I'm sure that the False Spina is there. The rune is won through a brutal and often fatal contest. It is good that the men of

Groot-Beren are so tough, because Lamiat to the south is an isle of undead. Blood Island stands as a no man's land that both living and the dead battle for unceasingly. Lamiat itself is shrouded in darkness. The wraiths fight the zombies of the island. The wraiths use some powerful force that allows them to become corporeal. The zombies have a powerful force that is rumored to allow the zombie lord to alter time flow!

<map of Cydonia and Pobat's Follie>

These islands were originally settled by Pobat. The islands at this time are bustling with activity except for Pobat's Follie. One report from this island states that an intelligent race of elk live here, but

that some mystical force slowly transforms all that remain here too long into living amber! Pobat was said to have held the False Cervus for a period of time. The demon Lytra is also associated with this island.

Greater Cydonia is the site of a large keep. Both the Seekers and the Bards make their homes on this island. The bards are able to charm creatures using the power of an arcane device while the seekers can drain minds.

Lesser Cydonia is home to the shamans.

The greatest of their kind gather here. The entire island has an "etherial' feel to it. The shamans have warn me of the Deadgat. They know the Ten seek to build such a gate in honor of their lord, Orchus, King of the Undead.

They, the shamans, tell me it has not been built yet, but it is coming. They worry that if it is built on a natural portal, the effects could be enormous.

Legend has it that one of the Ten, the aquatic demon Breha, has one underwater temple near Pobat's Folloe, but I could niether confirm nor deny this. If he has such a thing, he likely has or guards Marina. If so, it would be a formiddible task to wrest control of one of the False in his own environment.

<map of Ishmon>

The Isle of Ishmon is home to three groups, the Beijabar to the north, the Ishmaolins to the south, and the elves of the greylock forest. The demon Nick is associated with this island. It is said assassins make

their home here too.

The wilderness of Greylock Forest and the prosperity of the Ishmon people both seem unnatural to me. I see the trails of the False.

The assassins' ability to hide and disappear seems unnatural as well.

The clever adventurer can no doubt uncover and recover three False on this Isle alone.