Common Knowledge

You are a band of brave adventurers who have been dispatched by Baron Lockhorn of Blackwater to investigate the ruins of Silfa and report back to him. The Baron has told the group that it can keep any booty that it finds as long as the treasure is not dangerous.

The party is led by Malis Moonbeam, and our session begins after the first day of travel. It is the dawn of the second day. The party spent the night camped out by the side of Blackwater lake. Malis estimates it will take the party five more days of hard hiking to reach Silfa.

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What everyone knows about the party members …

Elladio Alehound (Greg’s PC): Among his favorite possessions will be a mug of some semi-valuable material. The mug has his personal sigil on it, and he doesn't like other people messing with it. He is originally from the Timerian Empire and speaks with a loft accent. He is a personal friend of the barons and apparently a good fighter.

Rhys (Charlie’s PC): He is a warrior and wears a grey cloak over his chainmail. Rhys is a taciturn sort, but apparently has a kind heart as he volunteers down at the homeless shelter for halflings. He seems to have seen a lot in his life, but he doesn’t talk much about it.

Barbella (Erin’s PC): She is barbarian. She from Great Waste by Lunars. (Phewy) Hate Lunars! Suck donkey yellow water! Come to here with Slarth. Slarth good. Monsters bad! Kill monsters! Kill monsters good! Special things? Oh dah! Have wings, wings to fly! Fly good with wings! Hungry now! You feed me!

Lily (Liz’s PC): She is a close acquaintance of Querya. Lily seems quite dexterous. Lily is an expert at evaluating goods. She is quite a climber, and she can pick locks. Hey! Where is my purse?!?

Malis Moonbeam (Jame’s PC): He is a capable leader and fighter. Malis has proven his worth to the Barony through deeds. He wears no armor, but wields a sword and a half with one hand to great effect. He is a master linguist and an expert on local history. One can’t place his accent. He seems to have taken some umbrage at Roland.

Knight of Humakt (Mark’s PC): He is a sword of Humakt. He wears brigandine armor and wields a sword and a half. He says he has an important mission, but he doesn’t tell the rest of the party what it is. He has some items that he keeps hidden in his backpack.

Roland (Ben’s PC): Roland was born into this Age to right all wrongs and to bask in the glory of his good deeds. He has an unorthodox approach to problem solving. His favorite saying is, "better an unknown devil than a known one." Apparently the god Corlis has taken a special interest in Roland as occasionally a godly huge, mailed fist appears over Roland’s head and smacks him into unconsciousness while the words "gauntlet of sleep" eminate from nowhere in particular. Roland watches Malis with unease.

Mandissa (Jess’ PC): She is a mysterious one. She has not spoken to another party member. She wears some armor and carries a bow and large shield. Still water runs deep.

Bab (Kathy’s PC): Bab is a prankster. She has played several tricks on other party members, but Bab has yet to be caught. She seems to be able to talk herself out of any situation. She is an expert aim with her dagger and demonstrated that she could hit a fly and pin it to the wall by its wings from 20 yards!

Dantobe (Erik’s PC): He is a healer, but he doesn’t wear the traditional healer’s robes. He uses a quarterstaff and a sling. Dantobe talks a lot about honor and proving ones worth. He gets very quiet when folks talk about "family."




Charlies’ PC

SPECIAL ITEMS: Note from party investigating Silfa (lion note); Magical Chainmail and Large Shield; copy of the Tractatus Marko-Cosmologicus

GOALS: fight well, recover a copy of "Waiting for Marko," and experience the release of the Void

His name is Rhys. Rhys is from a small family (just father, mother, and sister) in Sleepy Hills. Rhys’ father was a farmer as were many generations of Rhys’ ancestors. Rhys was sent away as a soldier to Tiola-Moldre as part of the barony’s responsibilities to the crown.

After five years of training and duties, Rhys was allowed to return home to Blackwater barony. Rhys was discharged with honors and even given some magical armor as a recognition of his service. Rhys’ family was persecuted under the reign of the druids, and Rhys was happy to hear that while he was gone Corlis and his brave band come in and cleared those demon worshippers out.

It was a different environment than when Rhys had left. Not only were the evil druids gone, but there was peace between the humans and elves. Also, there was trade flowing between Tumeria and the Timerian Empire. Rhys tried to work for the barony’s guards. He even went so far as to set-up an interview with Sergeant Lockhorn, the new baron since Corlis was deified, but Rhys just did not seem to fit in. Rhys tried his hand at farming, but he spent most of his time fighting the random Neanderthals and brocks that disturbed Rhys’ lands. Well, maybe Rhys did a little hunting to find them, but if they were within ten miles it eventually meant trouble!

One day while Rhys was away, bandits attacked the family house, killing his family and taking away anything of value. Rhys felt very guilty. If only he had stuck around then his family might have survived.

Rhys wandered to town and started drinking. His drinking continued for several days. It finally ended when Rhys met a small fellow wearing grey. His name was Larto, and he was a halfling. Larto had been a member of Querya’s thieves guild, but Larto had quit the guild when another halfling had introduced him to the Markovian philosophy. Larto gave Rhys his own copy of the Tractatus Marko-Cosmologicus. In his altered state, the tract made perfect sense to Rhys.

Later when Rhys woke up in a mud puddle, the tract was not as clear. None the less, Rhys had been enlightened. Larto found Rhys and got Rhys cleaned up. Larto and Rhys spent a lot of time together over the next few weeks. Corlis had banned halflings, but Lockhorn had allowed them back in with the caveat that they were not allowed to distribute or produce any Markovian literature. The most serious crime was the possession of the play, "Waiting for Marko." Larto told Rhys that there were no copies in Blackwater that Larto knew of. Lockhorn’s people had been very thorough in their mundane and magical searches for illegal copies, BUT Larto had word that there were copies of the play in the ruins of Silfa.

When Rhys heard that Malis Moonbeam was putting together an expedition to the ruins, Rhys signed-up at once. Rhys hides his affiliation with the Void, but Rhys does wear grey clothing now.


Dantobe – down on his luck; Rhys likes him and knows exactly how Dantobe feels

Malis Moonbeam – Rhys thinks there is something odd about the party leader, but he will follow his instructions; Rhys has followed orders from far worse leaders

Knight of Humakt – Rhys thinks the fellow is more than a bit pompous; things go around in circles

Bab – she is a frivolous sort, but eventually the Void will have them all. One of the more trustworthy members of the band

Lily – Keep your purse close at hand when Lily is about!

Roland – Stay clear of the conflict between Malis Moonbeam and Roland. Roland is just as pompous as the knight, and you wonder about what motivates him to do some of the things he does. Best to avoid being around when Roland falls for the final time.

Barbella – She is just a big monster killing machine. Make sure she is in front of you, rather than behind you.

Mandisa – She is a mysterious one. You don’t know what to make of her.

James’ PC

SPECIAL ITEMS: Scroll of Spells (Beserk – attacks friends; Poison Nova – 20’ radius wave of poison; Apocalypse – 28,000 cubic feet of death and destruction); copies of many documents relating to Corlis’ party including poems, etc.; copy of Lady Wampheri’s journal.

GOALS: Recover the wand of Linta; find a portal to Starside and the Twisted Lands

His name is Malis Moonbeam. Your PC appears to be a middle aged human male, but in fact he is a four armed daemon that uses a hide-form ability to get by in human society. He is also very old -- more than 1,000 years by Zhalindorian standards.

As a daemon, you have some special abilities and vulnerabilities. You do not have to eat and drink like a human, but you do have to drain life force from animals instead. [Game mechanics: you match magic points vs magic points; if you win then you can drain D6 stamina points. You must drain 10 stamina points per day.] The draining is a pleasurable sensation, and animals can become addicted to it. You are vulnerable to magical attacks, holy weapons and symbols, runic metals, items made of flint, and extreme cold. Your PC must breath in some oxygen, but he can hold his breath for long periods. Malis is immune to normal fire damage, diseases, and non-magical poisons. Malis is able to fly when in True Form. He can use hide form to disguise himself, but this can be dispelled. Malis has a fiery breath attack [Game mechanics: Malis can discharge up to three fireballs, effect: 5’ radius, 3D6 damage, per day.] He can use Travel, an unreliable form of teleport, but one that has save his life in the past. You can possess other creatures. [Game Mechanics: you must defeat them in spirit combat, drive their magic points to zero, and then win a POW vs POW contest.] You can only die the True Death by being brought to unconsciousness through damage by your vulnerabilities and having your heart destroyed. However, you recall seeing daemons who were not destroyed, but were incapacitated and unable to interact with the environment.

Your PC is originally from the Twisted Lands, the home world of daemons. You recall with fondness the blackened sky, the smell of brimstone and the warmth -- ah, the comforting warmth of your homeland. All before the Wampheri Lord, Shaitan, showed up! (Wampheri are a kind of super powerful vampire.)

There was a ring of stones not far from your boyhood home. You remember the day when Shaitan and his hordes poured through the ring of stones into your village. The screams of your dying mother and siblings still rips at your cold, dark soul.

You tried to fight Shaitan and his mutated henchmen, but they were too strong! You ran for days and weeks. They hunted down all of the daemons, no matter where they hid. You kept one step ahead of them, and finally one day you saw that they were herding your people through the ring of stones into some dark world. From your vantage point, you could see the spires of the Wampheri Lords and Ladies. You could see the flapping, mutated monstrosities, and you could see pens stretching for miles holding your daemon kin!

You hid and watched for several days. You saw that, before they sent your kin through the portal, they fastened some type of collar around their necks. You also noticed that the portal opened and closed at regular times. Some times there were several Wampheri Lords and Ladies about, and at other times they traveled back to their dark world and left only mutated minions behind. All the while you watched and waited, you formulated a plan.

Your plan was simple. You would wait until there were only Wampheri minions and rush through just before the gate closed to gain the element of surprise. You would need some explosives to create a diversion and allow you to free some of your brethren! You gathered tools and weapons to help your captured kin.

At last the day was upon you; you surged forward in a rage of anger. You ran full speed toward that open portal and leapt through. Unfortunately, there were many thralls and several Lords just beyond the gateway. The gateway on this end was different too. It was not the robust structure in your homeland. It looked makeshift and more frail, but there was no time for study. You took grievous wounds fighting in that Wampheri controlled world, and just when you were about to perish you noted that the portal was in leaping range behind you. There was no scene in the gateway like there was in the circle of stones in the Twisted Lands, but you knew that to stay was the True Death. You jumped and relied on the Powers to save you.

You landed in a circle of stones and a yellow sun basking a grassy scene. You turned back to the gateway to see the first thrall jumping through the gateway. You reacted out of instinct and threw your most powerful explosive charge. It went long and passed through the gateway. A moment latter charred bits of flesh and hot flecks of stone showered you and cut through the thrall. You assume that your charge must have destroyed that fragile portal in the Wampheri home world.

Even in death, the thrall refused to stop moving. You burned the body and dumped the rest of your explosives onto the charred corpse.

You reasoned that returning home should be relatively easy. Both this world and the Twisted Lands had strong, permanent portals. You had observed the portal opening and shutting on a regular basis. Clearly, if you waited long enough then the portal would open back on to your homeland.

You waited for ten years, and the portal never appeared to open on to the Twisted Lands. Oh, the portal did open, but the things that ambled through were nothing that you would call kin. Most of them were unsuited to the world. There were jellyfish like things that passed through and lay flopping in death throes in the air. There were creatures that imploded in on themselves. There were strange creatures wearing silver clothing that came, hunted, and departed. But, you never saw another daemon pass through.

First you denied the truth. Then, you assumed that there must be something you had to do to change your fate. Later in rage, you tried to destroy the standing stones to no avail.

Attacking the stones was a mistake. The stones were incredibly tough, and you were barely able to chip them with your most powerful attacks. Within a day of your first assaults on the stones a group of humans wearing white and blue came to fight you. They used magics you had never seen before, and they used weapons of enchanted flint -- one of the few things that can harm you. You came within heartbeats of dying the True Death before you willed yourself to teleport as far away as you could. It was very risky -- you had no idea where you might end up (even fused and DEAD in stone), and only by the will of the Powers did you survive.

At last you accepted the fact that this world was your new home. Still, something about your encounter with these humans tugged at the corners of your mind. As you made your way toward the high mountains to the north of you, you tried to figure out what clues had been presented to you.

As you reached a pass through the sheers cliffs before, you realized that this group had known exactly what to do to harm you down to using flint weapons! Either they were very, very fortunate, or more likely they had fought daemons before! That meant that there might be others of your type here. Together you could find a way to free your people.

Your search turned to years and decades. You never did find another of your type, but you did learn a lot about this world. It was called Zhalindor by the locals. You found that you had entered it in a place called the Silver Mountains. The large mountains you passed through were called the Yagha-Tsorv, and you at last arrived in a placed called Tumeria. That was around 1500 Year of the Overlord (YOL).

You traveled far and wide in the area north of the Yagha-Tsorv mountains mostly in the Great Waste, exploring the ruins of the Great Northern Empire, looking for a way home. You recently settled after more than a dozen centuries of wandering in a place called Blackwater Barony (James, see the map you received the first night you visited).

The denizens of Blackwater were fine by you. The druids there worshipped you as a deity for many years. Your quest to free your people and wreak havoc on Shaitan has never stopped. You have spent these many centuries searching and divining what you can about your sworn enemies and their weaknesses.

You were able to discover other Wampheri that have entered into this world. You recovered fragments of one Wampheri Lady's journal that came to Zhalindor, and you have met and captured Wampheri and thralls -- not many in so many centuries, but a precious few. The Wampheri home world is called Starside. Apparently it is difficult although not impossible to pass between Zhalindor and Starside.

Starside is ruled by Shaitan and seven arch-Lords and Ladies of the Wampheri. Each of these seven has a spear, and together these seven spears guarantee that Starside remains in perpetual darkness. The spears are destroyed by exposing them to the light of the sun. If you could gain access to these spears and shine sunlight on them then you could bring the sun back to Starside and fry the Wampheri. The seven spears are gathered together in a major ceremony once per year. That would be the time to strike. Unfortunately, Lord Shaitan is known for his abilities at illusions (at least from the unfortunate Wampheri and thralls you have captured and persuaded to talk over the years -- ah, there is nothing like the sound of Wampheri crackling in the sun to warm your cold heart)! You need some way to see through any trickery by Shaitan!

Within Blackwater Barony, you also know that the worshippers of Tham once lived in the city closest to Fire Mountain. The worshippers of Tham specialized in interdimensional travel!!! You tried to talk to them about getting you home and to Starside, but they attacked you on sight! You tried to sneak in later, but their holy place was trapped. One of the worst was an anti-magic metal that prevented you from using your powers. There were rumors of other ways in through the sewers and tunnels beneath the city, but you were looking to get a band together to help you.

Just when you were ready to execute your plan, fire mountain erupted, burying the country-side in ash and lava. It was no problem for you to get to the city now, but it would be difficult for any henchmen to get there.

If that wasn't trouble enough, some clown named Corlis and his band of dandies started attacking your followers! You fled the area for a couple of years, linking up with a group of ogres that was glad to worship you. Eventually you tired of the ogres though, and you have made your way back to Blackwater Barony.

You have ingratiated yourself to the local nobility and done several minor quests. Your reputation is a good one. Apparently Corlis is dead, and his band have settled down and become soft.

You actually have met several members of this group that caused so much trouble for you. In fact, you tried to sign up for a quest by Vochma (a mage), Querya (a thief), and Cohar (a barbarian warrioress) to go to Starside, but the good life was too much for them. They never did get their party together! Bah! Humans are so short sighted!

You would have given up entirely on your plan, but another tidbit too tempting to pass by came to your attention. Apparently a major magic item exists in the city. Each of the Covens of Linta is ruled over by a great warlock. Each of these warlocks is entrusted with a wand of Linta. There is such a coven in the city. You simply must defeat this coven and have their wand! If you do, your victory against Shaitan is assured as the wand is proof against illusions!

Finally, in 2529 YOL, you have assembled a group to enter the city again. This time you will find the secrets of Tham. You will find and destroy that coven. You will possess the wand of Linta.

You will rule!


Dantobe – He is weak, but a healer is always important to have around, even a depressed one.

Knight of Humakt – He is of little import; fodder for the mill when the time comes. He does possess some weapons of flint though. Could he know? No, no, there is no way!

Bab – There is something odd about her, but she seems to have a modicum of magical skills. Keep an eye on her.

Lily – Keep your purse close at hand when Lily is about!

Roland – This pompous one will cause trouble if not directed. Best to keep him busy swinging his sword.

Barbella – She is just a big monster killing machine. Make sure she is in front of you, rather than behind you.

Mandisa – She is a mysterious one. You don’t know what to make of her.

Rhys – Another depressed fighter. He seeks death; best to comply.



Mark’s PC

SPECIAL ITEM: Magical Sword ("Sindaya") offers magical armor as well as enhanced skill in battle

GOALS: fight well, serve the Baron, slay the daemon

You are a knight of Humakt. You have served Baron Lockhorn well since he came to power. In the old days, there was much to do, and your sword was never idle. Over the last year or so, things have settled down into a boring succession of mundane days.

You sought some excitement. With Lockhorn’s permission, you volunteered for a succession of raids against threats to the barony, but there seem to be few real challenges left.

One day you decided to talk to a soothsayer,Twilsgeneth. She read your future, and said that great honor, wealth, and glory would come to all who returned from an expedition to Silfa. In fact, if you personally went, you would fight a daemon that had been troubling Zhalindor for over one thousand years! Yes! At last you would be doing something heroic.

You did a bit of research and found out the following information about daemons.

They do not have to eat and drink like a human, but they do have to drain life force from animals instead. The draining hurts immensely and the creatures cry out when so vilely attacked! They are vulnerable to magical attacks, holy weapons and symbols, runic metals, and items made of flint. They are immune to normal fire damage, diseases, and non-magical poisons. They are able to fly when in True Form. They can disguise themselves, but this illusion can be dispelled. They can only die the True Death by being brought to unconsciousness and having their heart destroyed.

When you heard that Malis Moonbeam was putting together an expedition to the ruins, you signed-up at once!


Dantobe – down on his luck; you like him, and it is always good to have a healer along.

Malis Moonbeam – You think that there is something odd about the party leader, and he frequently looks at you oddly. If he should perish, you are willing to become the party leader.

Rhys – He seems like a depressing sort, but level-headed. You like him.

Bab – she is a frivolous sort, but one of the more trustworthy members of the band

Lily – Keep your purse close at hand when Lily is about!

Roland – Stay clear of the conflict between Malis Moonbeam and Roland. Roland is your biggest rival, and you wonder about what motivates him to do some of the things he does. Best to avoid being around when Roland falls for the final time.

Barbella – She is just a big monster killing machine. Make sure she is in front of you, rather than behind you.

Mandisa – She is a mysterious one. You don’t know what to make of her.

Erin’s PC

SPECIAL ITEM: Wings of Flying

GOALS: fight with glory, kill many monsters, bring honor to your clan, kill many monsters, drink much mead, tell many tales, kill many monsters, fight and love like there is no tomorrow,

Your name is Barbella. You have always wanted to kill monsters. You are originally from the northern portion of the Great Waste. You are part of the Shastan tribes. You came down south with Slarth’s army after the battle at the Lunar temple of Farpoint. You have never returned home.

Of course, there was a reason for that. When you were a young girl, you fell in with a wrong crowd and committed some crimes. Nothing major, but you were getting a bit of a reputation. Eventually, it just got to be too hard to carry on the double life at home and with your friends. You decided to give up your ways of crime. Unfortunately, you might have changed, but your friends didn’t. When the chance came to leave the area, no one had to ask you twice.

When you left home, your father gave you some magical wings that let you fly. You have won many free mugs of mead by using these wings.

Since you have been in Blackwater Barony, you have found many monsters to kill and many skulls to crush. The mead is getting better down here. Hey, this is boring! When do I get to kill something?

When you heard that Malis Moonbeam was putting together an expedition to the ruins, you signed-up at once! You will kill the most monsters! You will get the most treasure! You will kill the most monsters!


Dantobe – Healers are good. Like healer!

Malis Moonbeam – Funny guy. Party leader! Bah! Barbella is her own leader! You will take his orders as suggestions!

Rhys – Sad guy! Needs a bloody sword to cheer him up!

Bab – Strange one. Too much talking and smiling! Kill monsters!

Lily – Always sneaking around like an oath breaker! Hey! Where is my gold?

Roland – Fights between Malis Moonbeam and Roland. Roland talks crazy stuff most of the time. Does crazy things. Hard to believe he is still alive.

Mandisa – She is a mysterious one.

Greg’s PC

SPECIAL ITEM: Protective Banner [GAME MECHANICS: +15% to saves versus acid/poison]

GOALS: recover Krin, fight with glory!

You have worked for Baron Lockhorn for the past three years. You worked your way up from the Timerian Empire by serving as a caravan guard. Tumeria is an untamed land. You like it!

You met Lockhorn when you first arrived in Blackwater. You did not know that he was the baron at the time. He was drinking with some old war buddies of his in the Thistle Inn. You thought he was just some local tough. When he challenged you to "take it outside," you gladly obliged. After you knocked him back on his backside and the guards came running, you figured that both of you would spend the night in the local jail. You were amazed when the captain of the guard refered to the other drunk as "your excellency"! The real shocker came when you were charged with high treason!

Thank the gods that Lockhorn came to and told his men to desist! He put his arm around you and offered to make you a part of his personal band. You have never regretted your decision to join him.

Lockhorn has asked you to do many tasks for him. Lockhorn is very good friends with Issek, the merchant-king in Blackwater, and naturally many of your taskings involve helping out Issek. Lockhorn is convinced that Issek is the single reason that Blackwater is doing so well. Issek was responsible for pushing through road construction. He got a trade route going. Issek has loaned a lot of money to the local population.

Issek recently learned that there may be a stash of Krin in the ruins of Silfa. Malis Moonbeam has volunteered to lead the party. Lockhorn is sending you along to lend an able sword arm to Malis, but also because Lockhorn does not trust the party all that much. Lockhorn likes the Knight of Humakt, but the baron thinks that the knight is a bit of a fool.

Lockhorn’s advice is "keep your wits about you. If it looks like trouble that you can’t handle then run and get word back to me. I’m not looking for any dead heroes!"


Dantobe – He is OK. He spouts some strange philosophy at times. You don’t always know what to make of him, but you are glad to have a healer along.

Malis Moonbeam – Capable fighter. He has shown his competence many times. You don’t trust him.

Rhys – Seems like Dantobe’s twin. Wears grey. Hangs out with halflings. Weird.

Bab – She is full of life! You’ll be glad to swing a sword beside her.

Lily – A thief. Likely to have useful skills. Keep an eye on her.

Roland – Does crazy things. Hard to believe he is still alive.

Mandisa – She is a mysterious one

Knight of Humakt – He seems like a decent sort. You and he are the baron’s men on this mission.

Kathy’s PC

SPECIAL ITEM: Ring of Disguise (Iron ring with 12 one carat emeralds imbedded in it; has the runes of Illusion, Magic, and Man engraved on it)

GOALS: have fun, get gold, play pranks!

Your name is Bab. You are a leprechaun. You just want to have fun. You favor pink clothing. You recovered the ring from a passer-by that didn’t enjoy some of your humor. Since that time, you have spent a lot of time living in and among humans. Ah! Humans! They are so much fun to trick! He-he!

You have several special abilities. First, you can turn invisible at will [GAME MECHANIC: you can decided to be invisible at the beginning of a round; the invisibility can be dispelled. While invisible things can still detect you, it is just much harder.]

When you heard that an expedition was heading to Silfa, you just knew that you HAD to go!

This is going to be the most fun since you glued the King of the Elves to his bed! He-he!


Dantobe – Depressed guy! He needs to be cheered up! His healing will be useful. He will make the fun last longer! J .

Malis Moonbeam – Boring! He will be fun to annoy!.

Rhys – Wears grey, hangs out with halflings! This guy will be a riot to pick on!.

Lily – A thief. Keep an eye on her.

Roland – Does crazy things. He’ll be the life of the party..

Mandisa – She is a mysterious one

Knight of Humakt – What a stoogie! You feel like filling his boots with manure while he sleeps!.


Erik’s PC

SPECIAL ITEM: Healer’s Staff

GOALS: heal the wounded, prove your own courage, regain your faith

Your name is Dantobe. Your father was saved by a member of Chalana Arroy the year before you were born. Your mother and father pledged their first born to the healers for saving your father’s life.

When you turned thirteen, you were apprenticed to the healer’s guild. You loved everything about the guild. You studied hard. You never held back in your assignments. You learned all that your mentors could teach you.

When you went home to visit, your parents and sister were so proud of you. Life was good.

But, all good things eventually come to an end. One day a broo wandered into town and began spreading the plague. You did what you could, and you cured it in almost all of the townsfolk, but when your sister came down with the plague, you were unable to help her.

You cried. You screamed. You prayed.

Nothing that you could think of helped her.

She died in your arms.

You went back down to the healers’ temple and asked to be released from your duties. At first the high healer looked like she was going to protest, but after she saw the look in your eye, she relented.

For the past five years, you have sought your redemption. You have come to Blackwater looking for chances to prove your worth. Hard work makes souls numb, and you are still in a lot of pain.

When you heard that an expedition was heading to Silfa, you just knew that you HAD to go!


Malis Moonbeam – Party leader. He will lead you to danger. You welcome it.

Rhys – He has wounds that cannot be healed – in his heart.

Lily – A decent sort..

Roland – Does crazy things. Avoid death at his hands by accident!

Mandisa – She is a mysterious one

Knight of Humakt – He will protect you should the need arise.



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