Introduction to Ivy Shade

You've lived in and around Ivy Shade your whole life.  You

are familiar and friendly with most of the denizens in town. 

The population is around 100 souls.  The town supports a

group of around 500 folks in the outlying areas that might

call themselves members of the Ivy Shade community.  The

main sources of income for the town and surrounding

environs are: port operations (Ivy Shade is a major

transship point between river and land-based traffic), glass

blowing and items (including one of the main sources of

glass panes for the Duchy of Kernan), Alchemical and

Herbal special items, and adventurer support.

Ivy Shade is part of the Barony of Quival in the Duchy of

Kernan in the Kingdom of Tumeria, Lands of the Overlord. 

The population is supportive of the Baron and the Duke. 

The Baron gets to Ivy Shade about twice a year, and the

Duke is infrequently seen this far out.  The Duke operates

through appointed officials.  His Honor Companies are

dispatched to deal with the most pressing and dangerous

issues.  These Companies are composed of the most

capable adventurers within the Duchy.  Candidates

compete for the opportunity to serve in these prestigious

parties.  Royal visits are a once in a lifetime event though

royal agents, messengers, foresters, etc., are sometimes

seen.  The Kingdom of Tumeria is the oldest kingdom in the

Lands of the Overlord and named after the Timerian Empire

to the south, the first major settlements of humans in the

Second Age.

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