Open Quests

Note that many of the quests are inter-related. This is a common element of most quests in Zhalindor. The more you explore, the more related things become, and solving a single quest often leads to clues or solutions to multiple quest-lines. Generally solving several current quests opens up a higher level, longer term quest.

Top Priority Eliminate the Minotaur Threat Count Quival has declared a war on the Minotaur tribes to the west of the King's road between Knight's Crossing and Forest's Edge. The tribes have been marauding, killing, kidnapping, and pillaging members of the County in the area.

The woods have been largely untouched in centuries, but the Count has been slowly driving back the primal forest to make crop land and feed the good peoples of County Quival. As the grip of the forest has slackened, more has been revealed about the area's colorful past and deeper secrets too. [County Quival] {Recommend 9 -17 level}

Eliminate the threat of OB The Party has aided OB in his journeys, and this culminated with OB aiding his dark lord in achieving godhood. OB was rewarded by being transformed into a pit fiend! The Grand Inquisitor of Kemer-Lexi from Tiola-Moldre has requested the Party's aid in eliminating the threat of OB. The party gladly agreed to the quest.

The Inquisitor said that he would create an arrow of devil saying keyed to OB, but the Inquisitor needs some items: ten Wheels weight of Runic Silver, a pint of basilisk venom, a brace of cockatrice feathers, a shaft from the First Tree, and Veldman's true name.

The Party learned much about OB and knows that he is originally from a hamlet in the area of Twin Bridges. The will be the next area to explore in this quest. [County Quival] {Recommend 7-17 level}

Destroy the Void Spawn at the center of each ancient Ebon Empire cityLord Karst and Isabella said that longer term it would be very good to destroy all of the ancient horrors that lie waiting in the Great Northern ruins scattered across County Quival. The Party has also determined that this can lead both to experience and loot too! [The Party has already destroyed one of the seven godlings. Well done!] Sterling has Cargath doing research on the other Ebon Empire cities, and his research should be ready by the beginning of Storm Season, 2152 YOL.This is generally a longer term quest.[County Quival] {Recommend 7-17 level}

Eliminate Veldman: The party has some substantial evidence indicating that Veldman is influencing the Duchy of Kernan. That cannot be good. The party will need to gain experience and capabilities before taking Veldman on. [Balcon area, but be open to talking to some of the more worldly NPCs that the party might run across up north ... some of them have a lot to potentially offer the party on this quest.] The party found out more information about this quest during the meeting with the shamans of Daka Fal at Altar rock. Veldman seems to be gathering power in anticipation of the alignment of two demon stars. The alignment is supposed to take place in the next three years; demon or Chaos entities are not super reliable in the clock watching department. {Recommend 15-17 level}

Find out the secret of the Circle of Stones and travel to the Nexus: the Circle of Stones has crept up repeatedly in dreams, visions, and fortunes over the past two seasons. Clearly there is something of interest to the party there. [Silver mountains to the south of Tumerian] {Recommend 15-19 level}

Find out the strange history of the Sword and Chalice of Horus: the Party recovered a strange sword that appears to be connected with Death and Darkness. Tarkis, a friend of the Party's and a mentor to several Party members, cast some type of spell on the Sword that limited its potential corrupting influence, but that spell has now worn off. Three sessions back the runes on the Sword, placed by Tarkis flaked and fell off. Probably means nothing. Later the Party recovered two paintings and a Chalice that are all connected with someone named Horus. Mango the Mad indicated that the Ratmen at his circus came through the Circle of Stones to Zhalindor from "another world," and the soothsayer at the Circus foretold that there was a strand of destiny that bound the Party to events in "another place." Oh well! {Recommend 15-25 level}


Eliminate the threat of Veldman's Southern Lieutenant: The party was able to destroy the Lieutenant using remarkable combat skills, wile, and the Elder Rune found in Dammaron. The party released the Wampheri into the world. Wampheri are notoriously bad. At the very least, the lieutenant slaughtered the Pringsley family and one of the party members. The longer he is out and about, the worse the situation will become. That said, this is not an easy quest, and the party may need to gain some experience, items, and allies to complete this quest. [Balcon area, but the party is working on potentially collecting materials and knowledge that will help defeat Veldman's lieutenant] {Recommend 8-10 level}

Determine what is happening to the Halflings:the party determined that the Devil Vine was using his followers, including some misguided Overmen, to lure the hapless Halflings to a point at the edge of the Great Waste where many of them were sacrificed. Others were granted some powers by Vine. The leader of Vine's forces was OB. OB aided the party several times, and on each occasion it was related to Vine's goal to defeat demonic forces. The last major thrust with the Halflings occurred when Vine's forces destroyed the last vestiges of Lopnel's forces, and Vine absorbed Lopnel's powers! Even the heavens realigned. The Halflings under Vine's sway have been permanently marked now and changed. The Halflings are now heading somewhere to the west with a stopping point in Broadly on Cleats.

Determine the Secret of Glarg's Background: Glarg is a Dragon-newt. The party accosted a group of Dragon-newts outside of Dammaran. They told Glarg that he was originally given in egg form to Duke Kernan to forge a relationship between te humans and the Dragon-newts. They said tat Glarg had a destiny to fulfill, and the leader, a winged priet, gave Glarg a small, carved jade disk that Glarg is to carry with him. Glarg was also told of a vision by the goblinoid shaman that he had had a vision where Glarg was "killed, but not killed, and grew stronger," and that Glarg's origins lie to the east. BJ also referred to Glarg as "the immortal." {No minimum level}

Joining up one of the Honor Companies of the Duke: the party became the core of their own Honor Company, the Fourth Foot of Kernan. the party has brought a number of henchmen onboard to aid the group. {Recommend 10 level}

Cure Glog of Wampherism: Glog was bitten by one of Veldman's servants and the infestation took! Oh no! This could spell serious trouble for the party. Glog is quickly going to become unable to resist his new, instinctive urges. [Sola used an Elder Sign to drive the Wampheri spawn from Glog, saving him from a fate worse than death.] [Northern County Quival] {Recommend 8-10 level}

Eliminate Veldman's northern Henchman: The party knows that there is a Wampheri that is operating between Forest's Edge and Red Stone keep. It must be eliminated! [After a very tough fight, the party was able to defeat both the "Rat Lord" and the puppet-master behind the Rat Lord.] [Northern County Quival] {Recommend 8-10 level}

Find out what the status of the Baron of Red Stone Keep is: The party heard rumors of hideous acts by the Baron of Red Stone keep. They also discovered a strange courier box in the lair of the Ratmen. Inside was a letter indicating that the Baron of Red Stone might be in league with Veldman!?!?!? The party brought this to the attention of the Baron of Forest's Edge who flatly told the party that this was clearly a fabrication. After being attacked by the minion identified in Veldman's message, the party is not so sure that this is a hoax. [The Party found out that the Baron of Red Stone keep was actually a dark mage who was allied with the Rat Lord and was responsible for resurrecting him!!! After a grueling battle, the Party prevailed. Donn assumed his rightful duties as the Baron of Red Stone.] [Red Stone Keep] {Recommend 8-10 level}

Visit Mango the Mad's Circus: The party got initial news of this Circus while in Forest's Edge. The party decided that it should investigate. Last Hope Chapel?!? that sounds intriguing! [The Party visited the circus, freed some Ratman, found out about a Circle of Stones (several actually), and found there was a connection between Glog's sword and a chalice the party recovered from the previous Baron of Red Stone.] [Northern County Quival vic Last Hope Chapel] {Recommend 8-10 level}

Escort Duties for Priscilla and Orphans: Looking for a brave party to escort my band to the Red Stone Keep. See Priscilla at the Drunk Dog Pub. The party picked up Priscilla and the Orphans and headed north. The party has headed to the east of Forest's Edge, but they have been halted by the Wampheri attack a few leagues out of Maiden Mill Inn and will likely have to return to Forest's Edge seeking aid. [This resulted in another song - nuff said.] [Quivera to Red Stone Keep] {Recommend 3-7 level}

Atone for Kelmore's corruption: Kelmore's chaotic actions and long term, voluntary exposure to a known, chaotic evil, sentient sword caused him to betray his vows to Humakt and go down a path of wanton destruction and mayhem. Now, Kelmore wishes to redeem himself. Mortanius [Humakti Death Priest from Quivera] informed Kelmore that he must complete a quest to atone for his past sins. [The party was able to recover the Orb from the Ebon hills and deliver it to Mortanius in Forest's Edge. Mortanius destroyed the Orb using the Relic of Humakt the Party had recovered, finishing a major quest line for the Party. Kelmore completed the purging of his Chaos by the priests of Yelmalio and Chalana Arroy. Kelmore the Fair has returned.] in the end, the party found Kelmore's remains in the village of Broadly on Cleats. {Recommend 6-8 level}

Go kick some Lopnelian butt: The party has run across several members of the Lopnelian religion. They appear to be a bunch of jerks. The temple is apparently close to the edge of the Great Waste where Dammaron is. A place like that should be razed to the ground! Even OB has offered to aid the party. [on the extreme western edge of the Great Wastes, County Quivera] This quest ended when the forces of Vine, led by OB, destroyed the last bastion of Lopnel! That cannot be good!{Recommend 9-11 level}

Clear their names or face justice: The party has done some questionable things both through acts of commission and those of omission. Eventually these things tend to catch up with folks in Zhalindor. Alas, an altercation with Kris, the paladin of Humakt, led to Kris quitting the party and informing the authorities of murder, sedition, and treason supposedly committed by our valiant party. Whether the party is responsible or not is a little gray (well, not really so much, but everyone is entitled to a fair trial). Sterling discovered wanted posters when he tried to turn in the Humakti artefact at Forestís Edge. Since that time, Glog, dwarvish fighter, who is not mentioned on the wanted posters, has gone ahead into villages and towns to determine whether the news has reached the authorities. [The Party was able to clear its name through some help from OB as well as clever arguments on the part of the party members.]{No particular level recommended}

Shortage of Tin: Please see Vinny at the mining supplies store for more details. Once the party has helped Karst regain his powers and defeat Logmar, this quest will be solvable. To truly fulfill this quest, the party will have to replace Logmar and his minions with reliable miners and transporters. [The dwarves in the vicinity of Fire Mountain pledged to restore the tin trade with Quivera. So, the quest is completed.] {Recommend 4-7 level}

Eliminate Logmar: Logmar has been possessed by an ancient evil. His flesh and soul have been irreparably twisted. He must meet justice at the end of a party member's blade. The party has restored Karst's power; now, the party needs to follow through and help Karst eliminate Logmar. [Karst's Keep on to Fire Mountain and back to Logmar's Keep] [The party destroyed Logmar and his Slith corrupted minions whilst Karst and Isabella led an army to assault Logmar's Tower from the outside. Good job!]

Weaken Logmar by stopping him from growing a Slith army: The party knows from talking with various NPCs under Logmar's tower and from talking with Isabella that Logmar is working with Duergar and Gnolls in the caves beneath his tower to capture and allow the prisoners to be possessed by Slith spirits. Isabella indicated that eliminating this threat was of the utmost urgency. Shutting off this source of power for Logmar would potentially help out with two other quests, Eliminate Logmar and Shortage of Tin, too. {Recommend 3-7 level} [The party was able to destroy the remains in the Slith catacombs and end the threat of Slith resurrection from this source.]

Disappearances in Quivera: The There have been many disappearances of children and young men and women in Quivera. Zeek in the City Watch is the contact for this quest. Yargan the Bard suggested that he thought the trouble is being caused by wererats. [The party was able to complete this quest. Nicely done lads and lassie!]

Rescue Isabella (Lord Karst's daughter): The party needs to rescue Isabella to destroy the Box of Sorrows. [The party was able to rescue Isabella from Logmar's foul clutches! They also rescued five dwarves and made an alliance. Well done!]

Destroy the Box of Sorrows: The party was able to defeat a superior force below Fire Mountain in the lava tubes and take out the Slith possessed sorcerer on the rim of the volcanoe and hurl the Box through the dimensional portal to rid Zhalindor of its menace. [Well done!]

Cure Isabella of Lycanthropy: The evil Lord Logmar has infected the fair Isabella with Lycanthropy! The party must find a way to remove the taint from Isabella. The party knows that the priest of Daka Fal outside of Quivera likely has knowledge of how to cure the curse. [The party actually completed two minor quests to accomplish this. First, they defeated the Dire Boar and his handlers to obtain wolfsbane, and then, the party took Isabella to see the shaman of Altar Rock to purge her spirit. Well done!]

UNDEAD!: The party has been told that there are undead reported east of Quivera on the way to the Barony of Karst. Baneth (from the Grand-border Tower) and Lord Atkinson (Seneschal of the Barony of Quivera) would both be interested in progress on this goal. [This is related to the collect back taxes and shortage of tin quests. The party might do well to gain some allies, items, etc. in preparation for this quest. The current meeting with some of the notables from Quivera would be a good start, and the shamans of Daka Fal would seem to be critical allies in completing the quest. The quest itself seems to center to the east of Quivera along the river.] Once the party has helped Karst regain his powers and defeat Logmar, this quest will be solved. [The party renewed Lord Karst's powers, and he made good on his promise. The undead outside of his immediate domain were destroyed. The party received 4 arrows of slaying and a +4 bow for their efforts. Well done!]

Collect Back Taxes: The Baron of Karst has fallen significantly behind in his tax payments to the Duke. The party is supposed to explore the causes and do its best to collect the back taxes. Reginald is the keeper of this quest. [The Party collected 1 Krin (500 Wheels) for completing this quest.] {No minimum level}

Collecting Wolf Pelts: The local farmers have had trouble with the local wolves. The point of contact was listed as Pringsley, and he is dead. However, most of the local farmers would be willing to pay for pelts as the damages caused by wolves are extensive. [Balcon area, low level, low risk] [The party completed this task and received 5 Lunars for 9 Wolf Pelts.] {No minimum level}