Notable NPCs

Those found in and around Balcon

Lord Kernan, the Duke – Liege Lord for the Duchy of Kernan [Balcon]

Reginald – Knight Marshall for the Duke [Balcon]

Bodo, the Smiling - Halfling friend of the Party [Balcon]

Tirnos – Proprietor of the Frog Leap Inn; Married to Dalicir [Balcon]

Ken the Suttler – Runs the general store; married to Eugenia the Cruel [Balcon]

Gladel the Herbalist – Runs the herbal shop; [Balcon]

Morr the Black – runs the temple for the recently fallen [Balcon]

Silvus the Sly – Mage who lives in the tower; an old adventuring buddy of Lord Kernan; visits few places in town; often sends locals on errands to obtain goods for her potions and creations; generally friendly when encountered. [Balcon]

Alfonso – servant of Reginald [Balcon]

Sabrina – Apprentice of Silvus [Balcon]

Sandra – Youngest daughter of Farmer [now the ward of Silvus] [Balcon]

Damroth – High priest of Chalana Arroy [south of Balcon at temple]

Larela – High priestess of Chalana Arroy [south of Balcon at temple]

Schtark – Halfling Recruiter [last seen in Balcon]

Fargen – Halfling Recruiter [last seen in Balcon]

Buttercup – Upset Halfling mom [last seen in Balcon]

Those found in and around County Quival

Baneth – Keeper of Grand-border Tower [Grand-border tower, south of Quivera]

Rowe – Proprietor of Lord Quival’s Finest [Lord Quival's finest inn, south of Quivera]

Carla – Proprietress of Lamprey Coil Inn [Lamprey Coil Inn, south of Quivera]

Sayara – (Female) King’s Ranger [last seen on the roads in and around Quivera]

Gromradas – (Male) King’s Ranger [last seen on the roads in and around Quivera]

Yargan – Bard with a special interest in the party [follows the party, has aided the group on several occasions]

Lord Atkinson – Seneschal of the Barony of Quivera [rules Quivera under the Earl of Quival]

Kevin Quival – First Son of Earl Quival and Baron of Forest’s Edge

Stephen Quival – Second Son of Earl Quival and Baron of Red Stone

Lord Karst – Baron of Karst [immortal who originally served as a ward of Carastinian, the Tien, and Hrothmir. He was there when the three "cleansed" the Great Northern Empire. Karst stayed with Hrothmir, but left him when Hrothmir began to gather the Runes in defiance of Cragspider.]

Sir Logmar – Holder of Logmar’s Hold [controls the tin mines. The party discovered that Logmar dug too deep and released Duegar and Gnolls who uncovered a crypt for Slith. Logmar has been possessed by a powerful Slith mage.]

Kanos – Leader of King’s Road Watch [seen in and around Quivera; most recently sent south when the party indicated that all was not well in Balcon]

Cargath – Sage / Mage of Quivera [Quivera]

Zeek – Member of the City Watch Quivera [Quivera]

Vinny – Master of the Mining Supplies [Quivera]

Looking for a brave party to escort my band to the Red Stone Keep. See Priscilla at the Drunk Dog Pub. [Quivera]

Brunaborn – Proprietor of the Drunken Dog Pub [Quivera]

Sims – Proprietor of the Three Ant Pub [Quivera]

Viswin – Armorer [Quivera]

Gilward – Cobbler [Quivera]

Dagohild – Apothecary [Quivera]

Halos – Gem cutter [Quivera]

Brand – Drover & Stable keep [Quivera]

Karl – Tanner [Quivera]

Derstan – Metal smith [Quivera]

Odobald – Odo’s Merchantile (General Store – upscale) [Quivera]

Wamot – Necessary Things (General Store – mundane) [Quivera]

Frektoll – Head Barter (Barter House) [Quivera]

Billson – Head of the Clerk’s Office [Quivera]

Galdo – Keeper of the Great Shrine to Ernalda [Quivera]

Bochol – Priest at the Temple of Flamal [Quivera]

Smastor – Overman that Party meets in Quivera

Skuggastor – Overman that Party meets in Quivera

Phillip – Proprietor of Forester’s Supply [Quivera]

Unir - Shaman of Daka Fal [Quivera: Altar Rock]

Caz'par - the friendly ghost who leads the party from Karst's Keep to the caverns beneath Logmar's Tower.

Isabella - Lord Karst's daughter. [Now cured of Lycanthropy!]

Mortanius - Death Priest of Humakt [Mentor for Party]

Kris - Paladin of Humakt [Henchman of Sola]

In the Land of the Dead

Molly - Mother and wife that the Party was supposed to save from "the leaping death with big, pointy fangs." [DECEASED]

Bart the Smith – Master of the forge and of the stables for Balcon [DECEASED] [Balcon]

Squeak – Suspected Wererat [DECEASED]

Scratchy – Suspected Wererat [DECEASED]

Bitey – Suspected Wererat [DECEASED]