Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part IV

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

As recorded by Brent

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season - Disorder Week – Wildday

The day was long, and the travelers weary, they decided it best to make camp for the evening. While others gathered firewood, Sterling went about the task of skinning the felled wolves for their pelts; items requested be delivered to Dalacir at the Frog Leap Inn in Balcon. Nine hides were successfully recovered, which the group figured would certainly be worth a nice chunk of change upon their return. They settled down into the wolf den to rest and recover for the following day, taking turns as lookout so the others could rest.

During his watch, Mallon overheard a voice outside their cave and chose to quickly and quietly rouse the other travelers. Spilling out into the battle field, the group witnessed the largest enemy entourage they had ever seen. Hobgoblins and Kobolds numbering nearly 25 rained arrows and clashed swords with the adventurers, while their leader, a massive bi-pedal humanoid [likely an ogre] blasted them with magic from afar. So close to becoming overwhelmed, several of the team taking near fatal wounds, and fearing the worst, Keldorn shattered the dragon token, summoning a golden dragon. The all-powerful beast destroyed team Glarg’s opponents, leaving the group pondering what its usefulness may have been further down the road. Sifting through the rubble of the aftermath, the only items found were some coins, and a gnarled wand, seething with chaos and evil. Glarg quickly dispatched the item, preventing its mental poison from infecting anyone else. Having spent everything they had in the previous battle, the group returned to the cave to recover and tend their wounds.

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season - Disorder Week – Godday

Wishing to observe Godday, the travelers woke to a short return trek to Balcon, hoping to discuss the latest encounter with Silvus and Reginald, and avoid any further conflicts. Spending the remainder of the day around town and retiring to the tower of Silvus the Sly, the group focused on honing their skills till the evening had come. Things seemed strangely calm for the usually tumultuous team.

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season - Harmony Week – Freezeday

Upon conversing with Silvus over breakfast, team Glarg learned that the old map provided to them from Morr was of a location north and east, several days travel. She recommended stopping by the main city of Quivera, which lies on the main King’s Road directly to the north, and seeking a mage there for further council. The group departed offering many words of thanks. Stopping by Bart the Smith’s place to gather supplies and check on the progress of Glarg’s suit of scale mail, Bart was found to be youthful again, and obviously wearing a ring identical to the one from before. Repeating the same ring removal tactics from before, the party was surprised when Bart collapsed with no breath remaining in his lungs. It appeared that Bart’s dabbling with powers beyond his control had finally resulted in his demise.

Searching the premises for any clues to Bart’s previous interactions, several items of potential importance were found including: A roughly scribble note that stated “187 of 300 halflings”, A battle preparation map including trap locations and focus points for a tower [identified as a safe route past traps and defenses to Veldman’s Tower], as well as a document outlining some aligning of the cosmos that referenced some form of great magical importance [perhaps related to the great alignment mentioned in several other documents that the party has found in the last several weeks]. Also found was Glarg’s scale armor, which upon closer inspection was found to be interwoven with many curses and poisons. It appeared as though that was one order would not be fulfilled. Fearing the worst, the group ran off to converse with Reginald. Greeted by Alphonzo (as always) the group waited a few short minutes before a meeting with Reginald, who appeared to be back to his normal self since their last visit. No-so-surprised that Bart had passed, Reginald did admit to having pangs of guilt related to the Halflings disappearance, and promised that he would dispatch a group of the Dukes footman to investigate matters in the east [if Team Glarg could bring him proof of malfeasance]. Reginald assigned the group a task of gathering taxes from Lord Karst in the north whom had become delinquent as of late, promising a 10% finders fee of the missing 350 gold [i.e., the party would receive 35 gold Wheels for its troubles]. After a quick mention of his suit of armor order from Bart, Glarg was refunded his gold immediately by Alphonzo for the inconvenience.

Exiting lord Kernan's hall, the group propositioned Morr the black about burying Bart’s body, in hopes that Morr might watch closer to see if he could determine who or what had been raising the dead from the Rest of Balcon. Morr nodded in agreement, but the group was still skeptical due to the difficulty of communicating with the mute. With the sun high in the sky, Team Glarg gathered their gear and wits about them, and departed Balcon intent on discovering what may lie along their trip to Quivera. The travelers easily identified the well traveled King’s Road to the north, and after a long, but relatively uneventful day’s journey arrived at Lord Quival’s Finest Inn. Greeted by the rather large proprietor, Rowe, the party partook of a hearty meal while reviewing the job opportunities listed on the inn’s message board. Tasks included the recent disappearances of children and young men in Quivera, the shortage of tin as of recent weeks, and an escort job to the Red stone keep. In the back of the Pub the group found Yargan, a bard seeking heroic tales to convert into ballads. Detailing a few of their quests and encounters, Team Glarg found their first arbiter of fame. Yargan took a profound interest in the group’s causes, and vowed to spread word of their chivalrous deeds to all he met. Figuring they’d learn more upon reaching the city, the group each got a private room to rest in.

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season - Harmony Week – Waterday

Departing the next morning along the King’s Road north, a pleasant day led to uplifted sprits, the temperate weather and light winds only interrupted by the playful howls of Sterling’s wolf pup. The only things that differed from the previous days travel was the bard Yargan, following distantly behind the group, and the name of the next establishment they came upon; the Lamprey Coil Inn. Greeted by Carla, the very rotund proprietress, the adventures settled in for another meal. While sitting in the pub, two of the King’s Road Watch approached, inquiring as to the traveler’s origins, and asking how things were in Balcon. After painting a relatively grim picture of events shadowing the town, the men departed the tavern, intent on discussing matters with Reginald. Retiring following another evening of banter and some melodies from Yargan, the group prepared for the next day’s travel to Quivera.

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season - Harmony Week – Clayday

With only several miles to go to the city of Quivera, Team Glarg quickened their pace, reaching the city with the sun only starting to wane in the western sky. Everyone except for those from Tiola Moldre was humbled by the awesome sights and sounds of the massive city. A city the travelers would soon get to know very well.