Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part XVII

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

With the Glarg trapped below in the chamber, the remaining party members decided to move swiftly to defeat the demonic menace below.

At the last moment, Sterling urged caution. He moved with stealth to peer down into the chamber from the trapdoor. What he saw was amazing.

Glarg was chained to a statue of Jubilex, the Faceless Lord, while Bilious rubbed odd textured augents onto Glarg's scales. In front of the statue, BJ held aloft a brightly glowing ring and said something that was too faint for Sterling to hear. Next, BJ laid the ring in front of the statue and swung down his mace shattering the ring. As he did so, the world changed.

The party members felt a wave of energy and "wrongness" pass through their bodies. Glarg and Sterling saw the world warp in the temple to Jubilex. Translucent tentacles sprang from the walls, the walls begin to shift and seemed transparent -- showing a nightmare realm beyond, and one wall of glass broke and spilled out five hideous slime creatures.

Sterling immediately dropped down, followed shortly after by Glog and Sola. The battle raged with no clear superior force, but Sterling used the last of his slaying arrows to kill BJ cleanly in one shot. The foul slimes dissolved, and Bilious flung himself through one of the transparent walls just as the world came back into phase.

The party had successfully prevent the summoning of an avatar of Jubilex and BJ in one day! Well done!

Father Odo was able to heal party members and to destroy some fould relices of Chaos using the artifact of Humakt.

They headed back to town for some rest, relaxation, healing, and training.

As the party members completed their training, they heard that Father Odo had been murdered. At the scene, the party discovered large rodent like tracks, but ... the tracks were human sized! The party also found a dart, dripping poison in Father Odo's neck.

Within the day, another Forest's Edge citizen was murdered. The party elected to take immediate action and investigate the scene. The party members did find a track leading back to a sewer system opening. The party descended into the gloom. They found a nest of foul rat creatures!

A very difficult battle ensued, and in the end the party was victorious.

The party recovered the relice of Humakt and are enroute back to Forest's Edge as the chapter ends.