Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part X - Part II

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

Message to the Group after the Events of Log 10

Hi Team,

Great session last night!

Thank you for your flexibility in dealing with the call with the major general!

Here is some information to aid in planning for next session.

A. Current Situation:

The party cleaned out the Horned Hold with several notable results.

First, the party was able to rescue Garrett the Feisty, a halfing monk who has joined Team Glarg as a PC and is noticeably reticent about describing his background and motives.

Second, the party discovered three silvered longswords ... probably means nothing!  ;-)

Third, the party looted an ever-full basket and an ever-full waterskin ... always, always, always useful.

Fourth, the party chased one of the Duergar mages through a magical portal that led to an inner-sanctum for the Duergar and Gnolls.

That is where the party finished up.

The party has elected to hold-up for seven to eight hours to recover Action Points and Daily Powers.

The camp time goes by uneventfully.

There are two ways out of the cavern that the party is in.  One is through a carved entryway very close to where the party teleported into the chamber.  The second appears to be the entrance to a dwarven carved ramp that leads up at a very sharp angle.

At first blush, the carved entryway appears to be of dwarven construction too, but there is something vaguely disturbing and odd about it.  The Party has a bad feeling just looking at it.  The lintel is full of demonic images, and Glog informs the rest of the Party that this is not the work of healthy, well-balanced dwarves, but rather this is the work of the foul (*spit*) Duergar!  Bah!  As Glog reads the dwarven/Duergar runes carved around the entrance and translates them roughly as:

"Enter here to receive the Mark of Passage!  You must pass the tests to show that you are worthy.  Once the tests are complete, enter that which is sealed.  In the inner chamber beyond, receive the blessings of the Faceless Lord and the Eternal Eye that you might be found worthy to enter the resting place of Palmalta's Lords in this Barbarian north."

Hmmm ... Sola, Mallan, and Varis consult and agree that this must be where the Duergar, Gnolls, and Orcs bring the prisoners to receive "the Mark" before transportation to the the Slith burial chambers to be possessed by the ancient, foul sorcerers. 

The party has not heard of any "test" before though.  So, this must be something that must only be completed once ... hmmmm ...

Also, it begs the question of why the Duergar mage came here ... ?

No doubt there is some tough villain to defeat within the rooms beyond the entryway.

When we start next session, the Party will be approaching the entryway to the Duergar chambers.

B. Planning for Next Session - Meta-gaming:

At this coming session, we will also plan the date/time for the Holiday Session.

This is generally a fun-filled *short* RPG session where something unusual, fun, and climatic occurs, closing off the Zhalindor campaign for the holiday season.

Past examples include: fighting Christmas trees, finding Santa, becoming cartoons and defeating and Old One, etc.

It is the Party's collective call, but in the past family and friends were invited to celebrate the end of another year for the party members.

Also, we will want to discuss January and February activities.

In the past, Zhalindor generally took a two month hiatus every year to encourage the group to do fun things together that were not directly related to things Zhalindorian.

Past examples included:

* Activities in the gamers' homes, e.g., board and card games, movies, etc.
* Activities outside the home, e.g., bowling, mini-golf, movies, etc.
* Troupe-style gaming: the players pick out a system that they are comfortable with and players take turns GMing
* Whatever the host or hostess decides to do!

There are nearly infinite was to do this, but here is an approach in helping the Group decide.

1. So, the first step will be deciding if the Group would like to do alternate, fun activities for January and February.

If the answer is "no" then we can set a date to do the first live Zhalindor session in January 2012.

If the answer is "yes" then the next step would be deciding on how we would like to organize.

2. Deciding on how to organize.  Here are a couple of past, popular options.

Alternate RPG ... If the group wants to do an alternate RPG with players having a chance to GM then the group should decide what game we are playing and what the rough, shared scenario will be.

Dealer's Choice ... Members volunteer to take particular dates, and they get to choose the activity and venue.  (The Summer Rules  are an example of this approach.)  <-- here is the URL for those of you that cannot get to it through the link.

To help, I'm putting some good potentials in the Database section of the Group site. 

OK, that should be more than enough to get the juices flowing!

Let the games begin!

in service,