Time and the Calendar

The seasons are: Sea, Fire, Earth, Dark, Storm, and the Sacred Time All the seasons (except the Sacred Time) have eight weeks which are: Disorder, Harmony, Death, Fertility, Stasis, Movement, Illusion, and Truth.

The Sacred Time is two weeks without further designation.

Each week in a regular season has the following seven days: Freezeday, Waterday, Clayday, Windsday, Fireday, Wildday and Godday.

There is a full moon every Wildday.

The Red moon is not visible during the Sacred Time when the other gods and goddesses recount their acts in the heavens. It is rumored there are other moons, but this is surely madness.

History of Man in Tumeria

When men first settled these lands, they founded the kingdom of Tumeria in honor of the kingdom that they had traveled from to the south. In Tumeria they built a great city called Tiola Moldre. Next men settled Eldenvaan and founded Xanduru. Ultimately Xanduru became the capitol of these new lands. Magrax was settled next; its capitol is called Resserlin. The Lunar empire was settled next combining the ways of Law and Chaos; their ruler (whose mortal name is lost to us) was deified in 2050 Y.O.L. as the Red Goddess and added the Lunar Rune to the list of magic sigils. Hamarsin was the next to be settled.

The kings of Magrax, Tumeria and Hamarsin have sworn fealty for themselves and their lands to Al Alfredo who chose the title Invincible Overlord.

History of the Duchy of Kernan

The House of Kernan is an ancient family within Tumeria. There have been lords and ladies of Kernan since the founding of Tumeria nearly two thousand years ago.

As the story goes, the first Lord Kernan acquired his position through treachery. His liege lord was weak, and his forces were being destroyed in detail through his dithering, cowardice, and indecision. A young retainer by the name of Kernan managed to obtain some poison and assumed control of the forces before the lordís body was cold.

Damroth was the war leader of the host, and a scion of the Timerian nobles. After Kernan was instrumental in driving back the orcs and ogres at the battle of the three islands, Damroth knighted Kernan and awarded him the field of blue for his loyalty and the silver orb for his singularity of purpose.

Alas, the symbols were foreshadowing for future events ...

Kernan continued to fight for Damroth, and eventually Kernan was selected as one of Damrothís barons at the founding of Tiola-Moldre, the town of seven towers.

In his new role, Kernan focused on building infrastructure, and throughout the remainder of his reign he was viewed as a good and fair leader. So too were his son, grandson, and great-grandson.

By this time, Tiola-Moldre was not just the seat of the Tumerian kingdom; it was also a seat of learning. The mages and sages made Tiola-Moldre their home.

The fifth baron of Kernan was a schemer, and he reasoned that if he could get a powerful mage as one of his vassals then the house of Kernan would rise in power and prestige. The Baron sought out an ambitious man named Veldman to be his mage. He sent Veldman into the Great Wastes of Lei Po to seek out the forbidden lore from the destroyed Great Northern Kingdom. Veldman was gone for nine years, but he did finally return.

He was a changed man. There was something about Veldman that disturbed those around him. The Baron tested Veldmanís mettle by challenging Veldman to neutralize a competing baronís forces. The Baron of Kernan had assumed that Veldman would simply embarrass the rival, but news reached the Baron the next day that his rival and his entire household had been torn limb from limb.

The Baron of Kernan was surprised and pleased. He awarded Veldman arms with the Baronís own blazon and the addition of a bloody sword.

Veldman was so pleased that he brought out his last secret for the Baron to see. Veldman produced a box that he claimed that a demon had brought from beyond this world. Inside the box was what appeared as a large, dried fish egg. Veldman claimed that if the Baron chose a strong and loyal subject and inserted the egg down the vassals throat that the vassal would become nearly all powerful.

The Baron was not one to mince about when power was to be had. Young Sir Odimor was chosen as the strongest and most loyal of the Baronís vassals to receive the honor of the egg.

The Baron could not have imagined what happened next for within the night Odimor was transformed into a Wampheri! Whether Veldman was surprised is a matter of much speculation.

The Wampheri plague spread and soon the undead had decimated the population.

The Baron and Veldman were exiled.

The six remaining lords of Tiola-Moldre fought back long and hard, and the Runelords of Yelmalio and Humakt joined forces with King Larela of Tumeria to fight the menace of the Wampheri scourge.

No people were hit harder than the Baron of Kernanís own.

It was legended that as the Baron and Veldman were secreted in a cave at the verge of starvation they were visited by Odimor who offered a dark bargain.

Whatever happened that night, Veldman was not seen again, and the Baron wasted away. His son, Unmir, was only thirteen at the time. Unmir fled back to Tiola-Moldre, but he vowed to return honor to his family some day. Unmir was good to his word. He became a powerful Runelord for Yelmalio and took the fire of the Sun to the creatures of darkness in Tumeria. Unmir systematically killed all of the Wamphiri spawn blighting the land until at last he came to their fastness where Balcon stands today. He destroyed the last of the brood including Odimor as the first rays of the cleansing Sun blazed over the Yagha Tsorv mountains.

Unmir even explored a mysterious tower that had arise at the edge of the mountains north of Gebnick Glade, but Unmir found nothing and returned to Tiola-Moldre.

The King declared the blight on the Kernan name to be at an end and declared Unmir to be the first Duke of Kernan. As a token of Unmir's victory over the Wampheri, the King added the blooded bat to Kernan's crest. Unmir married the Kingís daughter, Princess Timara, and Unmir made his seat of power in the ruins of the Wampheri stronghold at Balcon.

Present Day

It is 2152 Y.O.L. Good King Levi, the king of Tumeria, gave a huge land grant to Duke Kernan that includes the Gedri pass through the Yagha-Tsorv mountains. The nobles in both Tiola-Moldre and Xanduru complimented King Levi on his astute choice.

Your liege, the Duke of Kernan, now stands to be either a hero of the Lands of the Overlord or a new falstaff for Al Alfredo. The import of getting his new holdings under control has not been lost on the Duke. He's put his knight marshal, Reginald, in charge of organizing groups to scout out the new domain and determine appropriate military strategies.

The knight marshal has chosen members from dependable families to serve in these groups. Your party is one such group. Initially, the Duke, no stranger to fighting and warfare, has asked that the groups have their mettle tested in and around the Duchy of Kernan before being sent south to serve for family and duke! So, you expect to spend some time in the neighborhood of Balcon, the seat of the Ducy, to show your worth to the knight marshal.

You are very motivated to do your utmost for the Duke. First, your personal honor and the honor of your friends and family depend on the success of your endeavors. Second, the Duke is offering land grants and titles of nobility for those who perform well. Third, the Duke has authorized the parties to retain large shares of what treasures they recover from outlaw groups. All booty must be displayed to an official of the duchy, but the word is out that these officials are quite lenient in dispensing the goods back to deserving parties. The Duke is not encouraging rape and pillaging however! In fact, attacks on innocents or seizure of legitimate property is punishable by death! A band of twelve adventurers was recently beheaded for just such actions in and around Gedri pass. You are strongly inspired to ensure the Duke does well.