Meeting with Cargath

Cargath begins, "very well.  Damaral is one of the ruins in the Barony of Quival that dates from the Kingdom of Lei Po, or the Great Northern Empire as it is generally called today.  The extreme western settlements came as far as Tumeria and the present day Duchy of Kernan.  The Empire fell because of internal corruption.  The Empire worshipped  the Pantheon of the Void, headed by Lord Eldar. 


Magic and especially summoning magic have a corrupting influence.  Can one truly say who rules who, summoned or summoner?  Demons were routinely called upon to perform basic functions from growing crops to cleaning homes.


The ruins ,the truly old ruins, share common elements.  The cities are constructed in a  monolithic fashion.  The walls are continuous as if the city of ten thousand souls or more was raised in a single night, raised by non-mortal hands.  Often at the very center of these cities, there was a captured Voidling or powerful demon that was worshipped as a local deity.


When the Empire was destroyed, many of these entities lived on.  What lies for countless aeons dreaming might find that death itself does die.


Given their construction and uses, it should not be surprising to you that the structures themselves cause corruption.  Just spending too much time in and around the ancient places can wither one’s soul.  It is rumored that Veldman visited such a place to gain great powers, and it is said that he was never the same afterward.


Oh yes, much power can be gained for those willing to take the risks … eh, eh, but at what cost?  At what cost? 


Certainly the cities must have possessed some control over the servants of the Void.  If there are methods for countering the servants of the Old Ones, whether implements or knowledge, then thouse would be founding the Empire’s ancient bones.


The Empire was once a verdant grassland.  The capitol was fair Permeganon, and the military center was Traagor.  The magics held in the Empire’s heyday were immense, almost unimaginable, but some of those magics exist to this day. No doubt.  No doubt.  Yet, the dangers attendant in just traveling to these exotic and evil locales are considerable.


This I can tell you though.  Damaral was a good sized city.  Within its borders seek the implements called “Eldar Signs.”  They appear to be pentagrams enclosing a flaming eye.  The Signs are the bane of those associated with the Void.  Merely holding up a Sign forcefully in the direction of a Void spawn will cause the being discomfort and pain.  Additionally, such creatures cannot use their foul magics on you while you are in contact with a Sign.  If the Sign makes contact with the Spawn, it will hurt the Spawn gravely, but beware for it is said that such an abuse of a Sign will cause the Sign to fade and cease to function.


I confess that I lack the knowledge to create these Signs.  Still, in the days of Lei Po, it must have been a common enough thing.  Today, there are Mages of Legend that might still possess the will, the power, and the knowledge.  Saint Acheron, Carrastinian the Red, Dialecti the Terrible, and the Founder, Malachi, all come to mind.


If the knowledge to create the Signs still exists in the Great Waste where it would be found in Permeganon or the Temple of Eldar.  Beyond the obvious perils, it is said that the Lords of Void extract some payment for every boon they grant.


It is legended that Veldman sold his soul to Lord Eldar in exchange for the wampheri egg that was used to infect Tumeria.


What you seek to do is noble and brave indeed, and I have a deep and abiding faith in Silva.  I will do everything in my power to help you succeed in your quest.


To that end, let me present my apprentice who will join you on your adventures and in fighting the darkness!”


Just at that moment, the bard, Yargan, comes bursting through the door.  The bright light streams in and temporarily stuns the group.


Cargath recovers quickly and shouts, “what is the meaning of this you oaf?!?!?!?”


Yargan replies, “sorry Sir Magnus!  I meant no harm!  One of the party’s own, Anorela, has been abducted by Wererats!  I was working on a new ballad about Team Glarg, following Anorela at a safe distance, gathering new song information.  Suddenly, Anorela was surrounded and beaten down.  I confess that I froze in place until they started to come towards me.


I fled back to the Drunken Dog as quickly as my legs would take me!


The patrons said that I could find you here, and here I am.


Being held by lycanthropes is never good, but speed is of the essence!


Please, let me lead you to the werehouse were Anorela was taken.


—== Let the games begin ==—