Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part VIII

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

As recorded by Brent

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season - Movement Week – Waterday

Traversing the lava tunnels below Fire Mountain was beginning to prove quite the task for the usually virulent adventurers. In the smoky corridors, they encountered several magma elementals, which after a short painful lesson, it was learned they could easily be dispatched from a distance. Climbing up a narrow staircase, the heart of the mountain (and location to destroy the box) could finally be seen, but there was a problem! Along the very narrow crescent path to the center were more fire elementals and creatures. Fearing time was short; Sola used the party's scroll of fire ball to destroy everything in the cone of the volcano, clearing a path to destroy the box of sorrows. Unfortunately, the party found itself in a very dangerous situation, as the whole of Fire Mountain began to erupt! Sterling deftly rushed to deposit the box into the interdimensional portal to the Abyss, and quickly joined the rest of the party in a chaotic retreat. It appeared that the party was going to be consumed by lava, as there was no way they could outrun the flow.

Just as hope was all but lost, the party rounded the next corner to encounter the friendly, green, three-legged creatures ambling towards them. Not sure what to do, Eucalyptus took the initiative and jumped on the back of one, urging the others to do the same. Hanging on for dear life to the impromptu mounts, the green creatures fled the lava faster than team Glarg's own two feet could carry them. Bursting out of the cave entrance below Fire Mountain, lava erupting behind them, the odd green creatures truly had saved the adventurers. The living things didn't speak, but could seemingly understand the urgency of the party to return to Karste's keep. Galloping back, the party noticed a lack of undead around.

After listening to the group's death-defying escape, Lord Karste provided they the much delayed back taxes owed to Balcon, with an additional prepaid tax to help smooth relations. With the unfortunate dilemma of Karsts daughter still plaguing them, the group took his advice and headed to the nearby grove to find 3 parts of wolfsbane weed, which could possibly be used to cure her.

Within the grove, the party encountered two grunting hog-men and their hog pet, Piggy. Piggy was no small creature. He stood ten feet tall at his shoulders and had razor sharp, three foot long tusks. Claiming to own the grove, they were willing to allow the party to take the wolfsbane needed if they could win one of three skill challenges. The first challenge; to ride piggy around the entire nearby lake without falling off. Next, wrestle one hog-man for a first to five wins in wrestling matches. Finally, a fight to first blood with the other hog-man. Team Glarg chose the wrestling option, nominating Sterling to represent them, hoping his excellent dexterity would prove fruitful.

While the hog-men and piggy were entertained with the wrestling, the other party members took to the ground, quickly finding the 3 wolfsbane needed. Sterling ended up winning 5 matches and the hog-men were very impressed. In thanks of the challenge, the party was given 5 twists of strength which were divided up amongst the members. Will all haste, they bid farewell and returned to Karste's Keep.

Unfortunately, Karste's priest was unsuccessful in reversing Isabella's lycanthropy. Karste told the party that she could certainly be cured if they could return her to Quivera to the shamans of Altar Rock. Providing the team with a cage to contain Isabella, and escorts, the team set out the next day for Quivera to cure her.

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season – Movement Week – Wildday

Arriving without incident, the team rushed to Altar Rock to see Unir, Shaman of Daka Fal, about Isabella's lycanthropy disease. Unir said he would help her, as long as the party would promise to escort several orphans to Red Stone Keep (a direction they would be heading sometime soon). The party agreed, and soon Isabella was back under her own control.

Lord Karste made good on his promise and de-animated the undead outside of his immediate vicinity. Having successfully dispatched the undead presence in the east, the party returned to the city center and updated the leaders of Quivera as to their progress.

Lord Atkinson thanked the party, bestowing up each of them a crest with the Quivera warthog and an element of their character beneath. Retiring to the Drunken Dog Inn for the evening, a visibly upset Buttercup cursed the party for not rescuing her missing boys and vowed to "spit on your bones" when they die.

Vinny, master of mining supplies, reminded team Glarg of the urgent need to renew the tin supply chain. The party re-assured him that it is very high on their priority list. Yargen, the group self-appointed minstrel, entertained a crowd with the party's most recent adventure.

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season – Movement Week – Godday

The party rested and trained their latest skills, preparing to return to Balcon to deliver the back-taxes and get an update to news of the region. A war priest, Mortanius, came to visit the team, bringing along a follower, Kris the Paladin of Humakt, for Sola, an unwavering servant.

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season –Illusion Week – Freezeday

Upon their unorthodox green mounts (nicknamed Boobies) [Ed. - much to the chagrin of the GM] the party set off for Balcon to turn in Karste's late taxes to Reginald.

Several hours out, along the King's road, the group encountered a group of men beating on a seemingly defenseless character on the ground. Rushing in to help, the party dispatched the angered minions, only to be blasted by the chaos fiend that was not the helpless victim that he seemed to be. The group was able to conquer the powerful beast, but several members felt strange after the encounter.

During camp that evening, a husband and daughter came rushing to the party, yelling wildly about the wife/mother, Molly, being taken by some "thing with large pointy teeth, and it hops and kills things ..." Rushing to the location described, the party found themselves struggling to move through an over-run forest area cover in spider webs. Hoping to remove the webs, Glarg unleashed a fireball that killed many small spiders, and unfortunately, Molly. The whole area was engulfed in flames. The party heard Molly's death shriek after the conflagration consumed the small copse of trees.

A grand battle ensued versus a huge jumping spider, with the team easily outnumbering and defeating the creature. Sadly, the party had to return to the daughter and husband with the sorrowful news of Molly's untimely death. The family cursed at the party, vowing to "spit on your bones". A phrase that cuts deeper than any physical wound ever could.

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season –Illusion Week – Waterday

Upon arrival in Balcon, team Glarg immediately went to see Reginald, and returned Lord Karste's back taxes, and inquired about any more problems of late. Reginald, always seeming ambiguous to the plight of the Halflings, indicated he had more important things to handle.

The party received 500 wheels for their efforts. Reginald informed them that the Duke would be returning in about two weeks, and he asked if there was anything more they needed.

The group's next stop was at a local farm, where they party turned in the wolf-pelts in attempt to relieve the fear of attack for the farmers. On their way through town, the party stopped at the Frog Leap in. they saw Morr the Black, waving them over with an apparent update. Learning of further Halfling disappearances, the party bid him farewell, and went to visit Silvus the Sly.

After hearing of their encounter with the Chaos Fiend, she informed them of the foul magic possessed in them. Upon their request, she cleansed the infected party members before further harm could come to them. Having completed all their tasks in Balcon, they retired for the evening to prepare for the journey back to Quivera in 2 days.

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season –Illusion Week – Windsday

Along the road to Quivera, the party was surprised in the middle of camp by a Wampheri commanding six Soul-less. The Soul-less and Wampheri were all wearing the livery of the Duke's Third Infantry Company. The party had to struggle to awaken their sleeping companions as well as fight off several beasts, and was caught without their armor, taking several wounds that later needed mending. Able to overcome the assault, the party travel unabated back to Quivera. Confirming their discussion with Vinny about the mining shortage, and knowing the risks involved with an encounter with Logmar, the party once again headed east upon their comfortable boobies, arriving on Wildday to the tunnels beneath Logmar's keep.

[A bit of back-story and reminders is useful here. Logmar had apparently "tunneled too deep" and uncovered a foul place where the Slith from the second Age had been interred. Logmar himself was possessed by a Slith mage of surpassing power, and Logmar then proceeded to start to capture others and have them possessed by these eldritch Slith. The party does not know exactly where the location of this place is, and their guide, Caz'par - the friendly ghost, does not either. Isabella indicated there are gnolls and Duergar involved, and that she knows that Logmar works through a place called the "chamber of eyes." The party finds itself standing in front of the dwarven constructed lintel and double doors of the chamber. Caz'par heads back up the tunnel a bit to await the party's triumphant return.

The parties goal then is to enter the area and either convince one of the leaders to tell the party what is going on and where the Slith chamber is or to collect some information, e.g., maps, letters, etc. that might shed light on the whereabouts of the Slith chamber.