Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part III

Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part III

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

As recorded by Brent

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season - Disorder Week - Fireday

Reeling from the overpowering Wampheri attack, Kyratas attempted to dislodge the organism in his throat, but to no avail. His friends noticed that his wound from the last battle had rapidly re-healed, which concerned them deeply. In an effort to help his friends escape, the warlord took the bowl given to him and attempted to communicate with the soulless to help free the party. (His intent was to have the soulless come and dig out Team Glarg.) Somehow holding the necromantic magic item, attuned to the Wampheri accelerated Kyratas transformation. The party noted his teeth becoming more numerous and needle-like and his pupils become slitted. Glarg attempted to tie Kyratas up with rope, but was overpowered by the being that was formally Kyratas. Team Glarg knew they had no choice but to destroy their friend. Time was short, so they had to act quickly. Upon the defeat of their late companion, the spawn (resembling a small, horned slug) from Kyratas slithered out of his mouth, but was struck dead as quickly as possible. (The beastie called telepathically with the party members, promising great rewards to host the evil spawn.)

Still mourning for their lost friend and searching for a way out, the group almost didnít see the two humanoids bound and gagged in a dark corner of the cavern. Untying the restrained elves, the group learned that they too had become victims from their traveling adventures, and had been locked up for several days. One was a cleric, and the other an elfin ranger. After hearty thanks for being rescued, all parties agreed it made the most sense to search together to find and exit and continue their travels together. As the search continued, some of the group attempted to console young Sandra, the now orphaned Pringsley daughter. The rest found the following items stored in some sacks: 37 units of swath, 1 of Cloves, 2 of Celandine, 3 healing potions, 57 silver pieces, and 73 copper pieces.

After finding no immediate exit, the group gathered to put their heads together to devise a plane on how to get out. Just then, an all too familiar voice, although muffled, was heard. The new elf cleric deciphered the calls through the collapsed wall, and determined the groups Halfling friend, Bodo, Sabrina, and several helpers from Balcon were attempting to dig the team out. Assisting from the other side, Team Glarg managed to escape, just as the air was beginning to get stuffy. Examining the bowl provided by the Wampheri, the new cleric felt the itemís power over souls trapped within. The Team agreed to destroy the bowl, but the first attempt proved inconclusive. With a surge of supernatural determination, Glarg dashed the cursed bowl to the ground destroying the foul item. The Team felt the goodly surge as the trapped souls were released and laid to rest. The group held a brief funeral pyre for the fallen Kyratas, burning his body knowing it was the only guarantee he could never be possessed again. Full of sorrow, the disparaged group headed back to Balcon.

Summoned to Silvusís tower by Sabrina, the group learned the meanings of the items they had left to be identified. The ring, as suspected, allows the wearer to control lesser undead such as skeletons, zombies, and some ghouls. Silvus implied it might be useful as a last resort, but not to put it on if at all possible. The token has a magical property in which when it is destroyed, a dragon is summoned and mentally dominated to the users will. The group also learned that the Wampheri that trapped them had interacted with the Team during the light of day, which is not normal for a beast of that type as they are usually highly sensitive to sunlight. Although the events of the day happened underground it left the interesting question of where did the Wampheri go? Was it immune or resistant to sunlight, or did the party miss something? Silvus could not provide any further information, and so the party departed.

While leaving Silvusí tower, Glarg and company was petitioned by Bart, the town smith, demanding his ring back. In his enfeebled state, the rogue easily deceived Bart, bluffing him with a single copper promised to have more power then the ring itself. Bart hobbled away, seeming satisfied with the interaction. Sterling, the new Ranger frowned at the deception, but was relieved the incident had been solved without further violence.

The group decided it would be best to destroy one of the rings, and to keep the other just in case. This action would surely remove as much temptation as possible.

As the evening drew to a close, the adventures found themselves back at the Frog Leap Inn, where the rogue proceeded to buy the most expensive Elven liquor in hopes of forgetting the atrocities of the day. Quickly overpowered by the potent drink, he passed out right at the table. The rest of the party spied Morr, who encouraged them to follow with the wave of a hand. The friends followed the undertaker back to his/her residence, noting the runes, earth:death:earth chiseled above the doorway. Morr was extremely hospitable, offering the travelers tea and cakes. The group spent some time conversing, to the best of their ability with one who is apparently mute. Eventually, Morr outline his encounter with a Wampheri, and a location dictated on a map provided to the adventurers 3 days travel to the northeast. The friends thanked Morr for his info, and decided to gather their friend from the bar and call it a night.

2152 Y.O.L. - Sea Season - Disorder Week - Wildday

The next morning at the Frog Leap Inn, with the rogue sporting a hearty hangover and babbling of strange dreams, the group encountered Pringsley's daughter Sandra and learned she had been adopted by Silvus the Sly as one of her wards. Happy the young girl would be taken care of, only the new cleric noticed a strange interaction between Bart the smith and Tirnos the Innkeeper. Informing the party of two pouches changing hands from Bart to Tirnos, the group found decided cunning might be the best approach to the shady situation. Sending the stealthy ranger and rogue to follow Bart, the rest of the group focused their attention on the innkeeper. Kyler and Sterling followed Bart past his blacksmith shop to the edge of town, where they observed him meet with two massive humanoids. The giant, red eyed bipeds had two thumbs and three fingers per hand, and began to talk to Bart in a language the hidden duo could not decipher. Bart apparently conversed with these odd giants in their own language. After the interaction, Bart hobbled back to his shop, noticeably distraught.

Meanwhile, back at the inn, Tirnos was very forthcoming about receiving money and some dry powder, with the expectation to put the chemicals in the partyís drinks.

Tirnos nature and willingness to comply with requests showed the group he was still trustworthy, but erred on bad judgment from a bribe. Not knowing what the substance was, he recommended taking it to Gladel the Herbalist and the party obliged. Gaining their other two members, the adventurers headed to the herbalists place. Entering, the friends clearly smelled swath and were very uncomfortable. Gladel took the herb from the travelers, immediately tasted some, and was immediately affected. He swooned and twirled, shrieking that the herb was for making a potion of madness. Due to his antics, the group determined he would be of no further use and quickly exited the smelly shop.

Wondering who would be trying to poison them, the sought the council of Reginald to provide him with the latest information they had gathered.

After having to wait an hour, Team Glarg met with Reginald, who seemed strangely out of character, jittery and bubbly. Informing Reginald of the latest encounter with the Wampheri and the map provided from Morr, the group detailed the meetings at the inn. Reginald was of no use in his current state, and the adventures decided to prepare for the trek to the location on the map. Gathering their gear, the team set out northeast toward the end of Wildday.

Along a path through the trees, the party sensed something was amiss. Searching the area, a roving band of 8 wolves and a much larger wolf with spikes poking disturbingly from its torso were encountered. The larger creature casted something that made the other wolves glow in a pale green light and Team Glarg knew they were in for a fight. With swords slashing hides, arrows tearing flesh, and claws raking skin, the group focused on the larger, more powerful beast, almost losing one of their own in the process.

When the creature was finally slain, the other wolves were paralyzed for just long enough for the adventures to turn the tide of the battle. Leaving behind their dead allies, the two remaining wolves turned tail and ran, Team Glarg hot on their heels. Following the tracks to a cave, the wolves were nowhere to be seen. Searching the shallow cave, several items of value were found including a magic shield (+1), a powerful greatsword (+2), 53 silver, and 121 copper coins.

A slight whimper revealed 6 wolf pups, no older than 6 weeks of age. Torn for being responsible for the deaths of their parents and knowing the pups were certain to die otherwise, Sterling the ranger spoke softly to the healthiest looking of the bunch, encouraging it to come forward. The small beast locked eyes and approached, nuzzling against the rangerís hand. They both knew a special bond was being beginning to be forged. Taking the pup in his under his arm, the ranger joined the rest of the party.

With no extra rations, water, and without telling anyone in Balcon where they were heading, Team Glarg boldly strode off to the northeast in search of the mysterious town that they had gotten the directions to from the Morr the mute ...