Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part XXI

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

Like many of the logs, this one contains several sessions in one.

2152 – Dark Season, Freezeday, Disorder Week

After the great feast given in their honor by the Duke for saving the mid-winter festival, the Party members went back to the Frog Leap Inn to spend an uneventful evening.

The next morning the Party resolved to find out what was happening with Halflings to the east. The Party headed towards the great waste along the trade route. About four hours to the east of Balcon, the Party was assaulted by a group of orcs and ogres. The Party made quick work of them and continued on their way. The day went by uneventfully.

That evening, while encamped, the Party heard the rapid approach of hoof beats. The Party tensed for a combat encounter, but it was just Sabrina! Breathless Sabrina said, “my mistress bids you look to the heavens; something dreadful is happening.” As the Party turned its eyes skyward, they saw a strange happening in the heavens. The constellation of the Hunter, Lopnel’s symbol, was transforming rapidly into a seven pointed star, the sigil of Vine!

While, the Party had not participated in the destruction of the Temple of Lopnel, clearly OB had been aided enough to allow him to destroy the Temple while his Dark deity destroyed Lopnel and stole his powers and place in the pantheon!

Clayday of Disorder Week

The next morning, somewhat shaken, the Party continued onto the east. While on the road that day, a winged figure swooped down from the heavens towards the Party. It was a pit fiend! The Party prepared for combat. A pit fiend is a powerful, powerful force from the lower planes.

The Party knew that it had little chance to stand against it in combat. The figure landed a scant 50 feet away with a mighty crash. The Party could feel the heat emanating from its vile form even at that distance. As the Party was contemplating options, the figure begin to transform. It shrunk and took on a human form. Standing before them was none other than OB. OB gave his thanks to the Party for all the help that they had given to him and his master, and OB told them that this new form was his gift from his god.

OB asked the Party if they would be willing to clear out the town of Broadly on Cleats and eliminate the demons that had taken root there. The Party demurred, saying that they would have to speak with the Duke first. OB said, “well, let's go.” He used a claw to rip open a portal.

The Party was immediately swept back to Balcon. They went to see Reginald and the Duke, who gave his blessing for the mission. The Party at this point, did not mention that OB was a pit fiend.

OB teleported the Party a short way from Broadly on Cleats. This was on Windsday of Disorder Week. When the Party first approached Broadly on Cleats, they were surrounded by farmers walking along plodding along looking at the Party members at about 100 yards on both sides of the road. The Party went out and assaulted one of the farmers and found out that the wagons were full of dead bodies!

The Party fought valiantly, taking on many hideous demons. Eventually they made their way to the basement of the hetwomen's tower. There they discovered the leader of the demons, a piscon. Through great cunning and some luck, the Party was able to hold off the demons long enough for Glog to run forward and erase the circle of protection that was keeping the devils and OB from the town.

Three of the Party members through a series of accidents were transported to the astral plane. There they met Tarkis and were guided to the Nexus.

The Nexus is a place where any other plane that's connected to the astral plane can be reached. Tarkis told the Party that this was going to be an important feature in upcoming quests. Tarkis also imprinted Sterling with certain psychic abilities. Sterling was greatly pleased with this development.

Tarkis led the Party back to Broadly on Cleats and linked up with Glog. OB congratulated the Party members on their great victory gave them a tremendous amount of gold and teleported the Party back to Balcon.

At this point, the Party elected to tell both Reginald and the Duke what was going on. Reginald immediately dispatched word to Tiola-Moldre, asking for aid.

At this point, the Party elected to train up and practice their new skills. Glog elected to take a path that would allow him to fulfill his destiny and understand the meaning of the sword and the chalice that he had recovered. One night Glog had a vision and division was of him standing in some place he did not recognize handing the sword and the chalice to a mighty figure bearing the same sigil that were found on the two artefacts. Glog was told in his dream that to fulfill his destiny, he must seek out Mango the Mad and pass through the Circle of Stones.

Towards the end of Harmony Week of Dark Season

The Party was nearing the completion of his training, but they discovered that Sabrina was trapped in cat form. This was the work of divine Sabrina had been replaced by an ayres, a female shaped devil.

OB came back to visit the Party. The Party refused to aid him further OB seemed genuinely upset and rejected. He did apologize to Sabrina for shape shifting or so he said that he couldn't resist the lure of the new power.

Two days later, the grand Inquisitor of Kemer-Lexi from Tiola-Moldre came to visit the Party. The Inquisitor was very kindly towards the Party and he taught two of the Party members how to make a protective circle that would keep the devils at bay.

He also told the Party that he could create powerful magic items to aid them in defeating OB, but he needed several items. They were: 10 wheels weight of Runic Silver, a clutch of feathers from a caockatrice, a dram of poison from basilisk, and a shaft from the Tree Of Life (“First Tree”). Additionally, the Inquisitor needed to know OB's true name. The Inquisitor went on to explain that it was known that OB was originally human, and he was from County Quivera. The Inquisitor believed that the Party would be able to find out OB's true name if they set their minds to it. The Inquisitor asked the Party to contact him when it located all the items. That night Sterling had a dream related to his past. Sterling was to challenge Caliban Keen-Eye in a contest of will and skill. If Sterling prevailed, he would receive a shaft from the tree of life. If Sterling fails, each time Sterling will have to fulfill a new quest for Caliban Keen-Eye.

The Party recovered several volumes from Broadly on Cleats. The tomes were translated, including a magical tome that talked about how to extract the essence of several rare items. The Party came to realize that their friend the mage had become entirely too enamored with this book. They had to go into her tower through a secret tunnel Sabrina's help and read her tower of this double play. Since that time, the Party has transported the book down to the Temple of Challana Arroy to the South where it's held at their behest by the priest and priestess there.

At long last on Freezeday of Fertility Week of Dark Season, the Party made its way to the East, and eventually to Veldman LT’s. lair. It was a hard fight, but the Party made its way down, down, down into the ancient dwarvish complex confronted at every turn by both the wiles of Veldman's lieutenant’s minions as well as the crafty construction of the dwarves.

The Party noted the sounds of battle coming from their rear as they fought downward. It sounded like a pack of halflings! Just before entering the final chamber, a group of Halfling followers of Vine presented themselves to aid the Party. Sterling told them to protect the Party’s rear (and, kicked the board down board bridge into the chasm, separating the Halflings from the Party).

In the end, it was just the Party versus Veldman's lieutenant. Glog use the last ounces of his energy to take the Elder Sign that they had recovered from Dammaron to the north and crush it into the face of Veldman's Lieut. The Elder Sign and Veldman's Lieut. were consumed in flames and his chaos sword fell to the ground.

The Party was victorious against the monster that they had released almost a year ago!!!

The last event in this episode saw the Party heading back towards Balcon, where they expect to arrive on Fireday of fertility week of Dark Season.

Let the games begin!