Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part XIX

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

Like many of the logs, this one contains several sessions in one.

Sola cleverly figured that by using the Elder Sign they had gained from OB she could drive the Wampheri from Glog. While the Elder Sign crumbled to dust, the foul larvae was driven from Glog.

Glog, Glarg, Sola, and Sterling made their weary way back to the Inn and then on the next day to Forest's Edge. The Baron asked to see the party at once and was delighted to show the group a letter from his brother, the Baron of Red Stone, that requested that the Baron of Forest's Edge come alone to visit him in one of their old haunts as boys, a cave in the Red Stone mountains. The Baron headed out on his own that night while the party slept.

The party elected to use one of its mighty magic items to teleport to the Shivering Mountain Inn. They arrived slightly before the Baron of Forest's Edge did.

The party spoke at length to the Baron about the fact that the party felt that his brother was inviting him into a trap, but the Baron would hear none of it. The party was apprehensive and set up watches that night.

It was a good thing as the attacks began about an hour after sunset and continued throughout the night. A pile of bat and wolf bones surrounded the Inn, and the Baron of Forest's Edge was visibly shaken.

The cave had changed since the Baron was there last. The cave had been escavated and finishing work done on the interior. The party came across a group of Wampheri spawn and cultists in the first chamber. The group made quick work of these villains. There was a tunnel beyond, but it was filled with eldritch fires. Sola informed the group that they had little chance to survive if they continued down that direction.

The party was a little hard on the Baron, telling him to stay out of the way and not to get hurt. Humiliated and enraged the Baron stormed off the opposite direction before the party could stop him.

As the group arrived, they found the Baron in a room with a stone coffin. Glarg teased the Baron into levering off the lid. The party held its collective breath ... and, the coffin was empty! It was clearly the resting place of some foul creature, but the creature was out at the moment. The Baron also found a mechanism that he activated. The effect was not immediately apparent.

The group proceeded back to the room where it defeated the cultists and spawn, and the tunnel beyond was clear. The party came upon the Rat Lord and his spawn feasting on the remains of some hapless villagers. The party sprang into action. Sola loosed a major firestorm spell from one of the scrolls that the party had acquired at Jericho's. The flames eliminated the spawn, and after the use of a Death Arrow by Sterling, the Rat Lord went down.

The party searched the chamber acquiring some treasure and discovering a secret passage way! The treasure contained a strange chalice with the same artwork and ornamentation as Glog's sword, the sword of Horus. The party continued and came into an opulently furnished secret chamber. Who was in the chamber? It was none other than the Baron of Red Stone keep!

He revealed that he was in league with Veldman and had summoned the Rat Lord. The Baron of Red Stone was behind all of the evil in the barony for the last two years! He was in the midst of summoning a voidling to wreak havoc. The party moved onto the offensive, and the Baron of Red Stone conjured three large, zombie hulks to attack the party. The Baron of Forest's Edge jumped into the frey. Soon the Baron of Red Stone and his minions were dispatched.

The Baron of Forest's Edge was grateful. Donn was appointed as the Baron of Red Stone pro temp, and the party rested, studied, and grew in capabilities.

The Count of Quivera came the next week to coronate Donn, his bastard son, as the official Baron of Red Stone. The ceremony was well attended, and the party was duly recognized as the saviors of Red Stone. At the climax of the ceremony, Baron Donn signed the award of arms for Glog, now a Lord of Tumeria. Donn gave Glog forty acres, but allowed Glog time to scout out the barony and negotiate a land holding with Donn.

The next day Donn released a prisoner to the group, a firebolt casting, worshipper of the outer gods and female Dragon-newt. Donn also gave the group a portrait of Horus in a room with the floating grail that the party had recovered from the caves of the Rat Lord. Donn also entrusted a young illusionist to travel with the party.

The party continued on toward their goal, the ruins of Damarran. On the way there, they met a family that had been savaged by members of the Lopnelian faith.

The party took the beleagured family to Last Hope chapel where the party rested and recovered a bit. The party also found out the whereabouts of the Circus of Mango the Mad. A young Runepriest and a cleric joined the party at this point. The priests at Last Hope said that a mysterious, virulent fungus had infected personnel traveling into Damarran, and the party was given several viles to collect specimens of this foul afflication in order to develop a treatment.

A few days later the party came upon Mango's circus. They chatted with some Ratmen who informed the party that they had come through a Circle of Stones and wanted to return home. One of the Ratman was able to physically seize and curse a party member! The party was caught between a rock and a hard place. Several party members had their fortunes told including Glog whose future might involve meeting Horus and something to do with a place called the Nexus. The party finally met Mango who was good and truly mad. He did give the party much information and two maps of interest to the group. One showed the major cities from the Great Northern Empire, and one showed the way to the Circle of Stones where he summoned the Rat Men using a chalice (that sounded amazingly like the one the party had acquired and appeared in the portrait).

The party made its way the last few leagues to Damarran. On the way, the party ran across a group of five Dragon-newts standing in a circle, covered in dust and cobwebs. When the party approached, the lead Dragon-newt turned to the party and said, "Glarg, we hold your destiny, but the time is not yet. You still have one thing to accomplish."

The party entered into Damarran and found out that the fungal infection came from eating fungus sold to the groups by opportunistic goblins. They saw the demise of a man in the final throes of infection, and the results were grewsome. They collected bits of the poor man in their special viles to bring back to Last Hope. The party wondered why anyone would eat such nasty victuals.

After entering the city of Damarran, the party noted that the walls were made of some strange glassy substance. Spirits and nether creatures moved within and sometimes pounded at the barriers. As the party went further into the ancient city, it saw that the barriers had cracks and were breaking down.

The party found that it could not exit. The answer was that the godling at the center had to be slain first.

The party fought many degenerate Slith and some elementals escaping from the growing cracks in the fascade of Damarran.

At the very center of the city, the party found a gibbering creature full of mouths, tentacles, and eyes that deeply affected all that gazed upon it. Glog and Sterling used two Elder Signs the party found to weaken and then to obliterate the foul godling, sacrificing Glog's Elder Sign in the process.

As the godling was destroyed, Damarran melted away. The party collected itself up after a hard, hard fight and headed back towards the Last Hope Chapel to rest and recover.

As the party stepped out of the now destroyed city, five Dragon-newts confronted the group. The lead one stepped forward brandishing a long knife made of obsidian and said to Glarg, "your destiny awaits, do you trust me?"

And, that is where this log leaves off ...

Let the games begin!