Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part XVIII

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

Just a quick note "Out of Character Description this time ..."

Fun was had by all, and the big surprise was shared and mutually enjoyed.

Four main events occurred.

The party leveled up.

The party headed south to Jericho's Magic Shop and loaded up on splufty items.

The party headed east towards Red Stone keep and fought and defeated a group of cultists, and finally, the party lay an ambush for the Wampheri and his minions. OB and came to aid the party and drove off the Wampheri using an Elder Sign, which he gave to Sola, but, alas, not before Glog was infected by a hideous, Wampheri bite to the neck.

[Robert rolled a "1" for Glog's save versus infestation of Wampherism. That cannot be good.]

The party leaves off just after the attack. OB and his minions have headed off into the night, leaving the party to determine what steps to take next.

Glog already notices changes ... his senses are heightened, he feels more energy and stronger than he has ever felt before ... he feels that he has fought off any bad effects; Glog is ready to take on the world ... what is that scent? Sweet ambrosia! Sola and Sterling are full of it! And that lovely sound, a rhythm of pure delight! Boom-boom! Boom-boom! Like two heart beats playing a song just for him!

Let the games begin!