Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part XVI

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

The party met a witch with an entourage of slimes with a very handsome man in tow. While greatly pressed for speed, the party decided that the apparent enslavement of another human by so vile a creature could not be safely ignore.

Battle ensued, but within a very few moments most of the party's melee experts were down and out.

Eventually the forces of goodness and light were able to prevail, and the party found that the young man formerly in the clutches of the witch was none other than Donn! The half-brother of the Baron!

Donn agreed to aid the party, and the group sped on to Glognar's demesne.

The King's Woodsmen escorted the party a league farther before bidding a fond adieu.

The party found a half natural, half constructed structure in the middle of a ring of bloodstone. Sola and Varis were able to determine that bloodstone aided the melee fighter, but it physically damaged those not drawn to acts of carnal brutality.

The party's collective gaze was drawn to two figures in particular, BJ and Glognar! At last, the party would have its full measure of justice!

Glognar was a huge, mutated minotaur. Heedless of the bloodstone, he bellowed and raced forward to engage the party. Varis, Glog, Glarg, and Sterling all fell at one time or another during the ensuing combat. Glognar was joined by a weird set of bipedal slimes and archers, all of whom did their worst against our noble band.

Glognar was eventually subdued, and Glarg turned his attentions to Billius, who had continually thrown jilted lover aspersions at Glarg during the melee. Glarg charged Billius, but Glarg was laid low by concentrated attacks on his person. Now, alone and unconscious, BJ and Billius drug Glarg down into the depths of the Temple of Jublilex. BJ kept muttering about "needing the blood of the immortal to summon the Faceless Lord," but these words likely mean nothing.

As the session ended, the party was about to descend into the unhallowed depths to save Glarg from a fate worse than death.