Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part XIV

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

The big events from last night were:

* Chris, the Paladin, left the party in a huff, because he claimed that the party was causing him to break his vows. Chris went to confess his transgressions to the priest at the Humakti temple. Glarg went to intercede. As Glarg forced his way into the temple, the priest used an emergency teleport to escape with Chris. Glarg remarked, "that is all for the best. We don't need some 'moral compass' constantly harping at us about our actions.'" Perhaps not ... although this began a series of events ... more on that later.

* The party picked up Priscilla and the orphans and headed north. While on the way, the party encountered the King's Road Watch that warned the party of hideous Chaos beastmen threatening Forest's Edge Barony. The party was told to avoid them if at all possible.

* The party met a group of halflings with dancing and singing bunnies. Of course, Team Glarg leaped into action, chased away the halflings, and slew the bunnies. The party then discovered documents (left behind by the halflings in their efforts to run for their lives) indicating that there was a gathering of Vine worshipers east of Knight's Crossing.

* The party later heard plaintive screams coming from a tumbled down tower and discovered BJ, a priest of Alimandros, and his cohorts "vigorously questioning" a halfling in grey robes. The party went into the tower to intervene. The party was reminded of the bitter rivalry between Humakt and Alimandros. After a failed intimidation attempt, the situation nearly escalated into a melee. Glarg was able to defuse the situation, and the party left BJ to his ministrations with the halfling after giving the information on the halfling camp to BJ.

* A few hours later, the party observed a large Chaos beast, and the group wisely elected to move around it unseen.

* The party arrived at Knight's Crossing, a very well apportioned King's Inn. They heard some interesting rumors. That evening a group of guardsmen came in with a hobgoblin. Upon seeing Glarg, the hobgoblin lowered to one knee stating that it was an honor to be in Glarg's presence. He even threw a packet of swath to Glarg as an offering of respect. Glarg let the packet sail past him to the waiting hands of one of the orphans. Glog acted swiftly to wrest the packet away from the tike. The guardsmen decided to move quickly and avoid engagement with the party after the incident.

* An hour or so later, a very bedraggled group of adventurers stumbled into the Inn. The party discovered that they were carrying a Humakt artifact of tremendous power against the forces of Chaos. The group of adventurers had started with 15, but were down to four as beastmen were chasing them (apparently to get the artifact). A herd of beastmen ominously began baying within a few miles of the Inn.

* The party sent Sterling to go north with the artifact to the Humakt temple at Forest's Edge while the rest of the group prepared to repulse the upcoming attack by the beastmen.

* The Inn was attacked by one huge Chaos beast and a half dozen lesser Chaos mutants. Just as the attack began, a group of King's Road Watch road up and engaged the large beast. The party fought valiantly, and in the end only Glarg and Varis were left standing, and only just barely. The Watch and the beast ended up destroying each other utterly.

* The next morning Sterling arrived shortly before dawn to reveal that the party was wanted by the Count for treason and murder. (See the Wanted Posters at Wanted Posters .) Team Glarg decided that some good deeds were in order before they elected to turn themselves in to clear their collective names.

* The party is now heading to the Halfling rallying location and then onto recover the Orb of Chaos, both as acts of goodwill. The party left Priscilla with the orphans at Knight's Crossing as Team Glarg headed to the east.