Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part XIII

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

This actually covers several sessions ... as do some of the previous logs ... Through 2152 Y.O.L. - Fire Season - Harmony Week Ė Wildday

The forces of Good were able to defeat the vile Slith resurrection chamber. It was a tough fight, but the party prevailed through some clever planning and good tactical execution.

The party made good use of Karst's support prior to the journey to the Slith catacombs; he was able to put a warding on the party members to prevent being possessed by the Slith spirits. (Glarg did mention that he felt it would have been more interesting if he had scrapped off the wardings and fought the spirits on a level playing field, but the horrified looks of his companions convinced the doughty party leader to leave the spirit warding in place.)

The party was led by Caz'par to the nearest portal.

The party noticed the slight tingling as they were transported to a broad set of steps leading up to the burial place of the Slith. The party felt an ancient evil as they entered the eldritch complex. The party members had never seen such an aged place before. The weight of millennia pressed oppressively on the Team, but the members pushed on.

In the end, they felled four massive undead guardians, two demons, and a Slith sorcerer. The Party recovered much cool loot including a magical flaming sword and an orb of frost magic.

The group headed back to Karst's Keep to rest, recover, and learn new skills.

After the week of rest, Karst gave a couple of magic items to the party, a powerful fireball spell and an anti-magic shell. Team Glarg pressed forward to the base of Logmarís tower, teeth gnashing knowing this road led to their demise or the defeat of their evil nemesis. Meanwhile, in the craggy terrain within the shadow of the tower, Lord Karst spread his forces to the breaking point to press the attack against the dark lord. Soon there was magic crackling, arrows flying, and blades shearing armor. All the party could do was hope Karstís troops could hold out long enough to allow them to attach Logmar from within the tower. There was no other way.

The tower consisted of 5 floors, each teeming with peril at every turn. With the aid of the newfound Half-Orc Bezerker, Murook, the partyís numbers had swollen to 7 which allowed the group to outnumber and overpower even the most formidable of opponents.

With superior tactics, some quick thinking, and strategic finesse, the party defeated several groups of snake-tongues and enigmas, even some with reptilian warriors guarding them.

When finally nearing the top, Logmar summoned a frightful surprise: two demons of fire, which aptly stunned team Glarg. As things began to look grim for Karstís forces outside, so too did circumstances for most the party inside. With some slowing spells and quicker thinking, Varis was able to disable the conjurations and save the other members of team Glarg.

Gazing at the only option to reach the roof of the tower, a single occupancy elevator, the group decided to send Varis to unleash the mighty fireball, quickly followed by their fearless leader, Glarg to bash in skulls. One by one, the team successfully reached the top while being attacked mercilessly with every inch of ground they gained.

After defeating four lesser warriors, the team focused their attacks on Logmar himself. Breaking the seal on the anti-magic shell, the party pressed the attack until Glarg was forced to exit the safety of the bubble. Mind-controlled by Logmar, Glarg set his gaze upon Varis, heart-set on his destruction. Thrust into action, the party unloaded their most powerful of attacks on Logmar. With a massive burst of energy and a piercing yell that shook the tower itself, his fortitude finally failed under the remarkable barrage. With the dark lordís grasp over his mind severed, Glarg and party gathered their wits about them, peering over the towers edge to see what remained of Logmarís forces being routed back to the shadows and depths; ultimately defeated.

Weary and worn, team Glarg returned to Karstís keep to celebrate the removal of the resounding evil force that had once been Logmar.