Campaign Log for Bold Beginnings: Part I

Taking place in the world of Zhalindor, Kingdom of Tumeria, Duchy of Kernan

As recorded by Brent

Continuing onward from their last encounter with large cave spider and vicious orc, the five companions pushed further into the depths of the foreboding cavern, leaving their uncontrollably morphing acquaintance, Bodo, tied up to a stalagmite with his own tentacles. The travelers heard groaning further down the tunnel, and discovered three adventurers entangled in cocoons of spider silk. Team Glarg released the captives, quickly learning that the spider they killed had not the chance to injure them further before being slain. After hearing how the new adventurers had been in search of the missing Halflings, the group decided to press further on their quest together. Traveling deeper into the cave, the group encountered a door marked with runes whose meaning was soon deciphered: True Mastery (Evil), Magic, and Stasis. The doors had signs of being recently opened, and the team pressed through. Investigating the options after encountering a fork in the path, the team decided to continue through the cracked door with similar markings as before, avoiding the still sealed chamber (Undead, Void, Darkness Runes) till later. At the end of corridor, a large double door blocked the entrance to a circular hollow containing a mighty foe!

After a valiant battle, the team somehow defeated the Voidling, a demon from another planar existence, which left behind an unrecognizable coin. During the course of battle, the strange kitten that had been elusive to date was cornered and interrogated after it transformed into a young girl of 16. The party learned that she was actually an apprentice to Silvus the Sly, and had been following the group to learn of their intentions. Within the chamber was a freshly devoured Halfling body, with the same markings carved into its bones as were on the entrance door; clearly a sacrifice to the creature from another world. At some stage in the conversation, further wailing was heard from the main cavern area. The group sent 2 members to investigate.

Kelmor and Mallon discovered their mutated friend had returned to his natural form, and his arms (which had been his tentacle bonds) were injured post transformation. While Kelmor was distracted performing healing spells for their injured friend, Mallon remembered he was still carrying the intricate ring they had recovered from the felled orc, and decided its potential powers could aid in their future endeavors. Mallon slipped on the enchanted ring, and was immediately moved toward the sealed door the team had passed up before, not in control of his own actions. Mallon tried to resist opening the door, but was compelled to do so by the powerful ring.

The remainder of the party heard a deafening shriek, and ran to see what had happened. Mallon, now under his own power again, felt confused and unsure of what he had seen. The young girl seemed very upset, and the team learned the door had previously been sealed, locking inside a Wampheri, that clearly had now escaped out of the cave. Searching the Wampheri’s room, Team Glarg found 12 vials of strange, sweet smelling blue liquid. The group figured out they were healing potions after Kelmor bravely quaffed one. Feeling secure that there were no more risks in the cavern, the team proceeded toward the exit after searching it for valuables. Nothing more of significance was found, and the team took some time to rest and rejuvenate.

Exiting the cave the next morning, with intent to return to Balcon to discuss their findings with Silvus the Sly, the party encountered a roving band of kobolds, easily dispatching the group with their superior strength and magic. Team Glarg successfully navigated their way back to Balcon without further incident. Continuing on to the tower of Silvus, the team presented the ring and coin for her to contemplate their meanings.